Public Record

Friday, January 6, 2012

Marriage licenses

Alexander Trewhitt Burroughs and Meghan Cassidy Beatty; Pratik Ajitsinh Chauhan and Donna Partridge Shankle King; Omar Contreras Garcia and Suri Zadai Contreras Trujil; William Kenneth Cruse Jr. and Rebecca Lynn Eells Messer; Jeffrey Len Dodson and Kimberly Anne Pearson Sullenger; James Michael Estes and Louanne Muscente Braytenbah; Robert Lee Hodge and Jessica Nicole Liles; Thomas L. Holladay and Angie F. Freeman Wright; James Edward Kelley and Carolyn Leanne Gilchrist Pavey; Jeffrey Scott Lowe and Shannon Renae Dixon Plummer; Roberto Mendoza and Elizabeth Ruiz; John Robert Powell and Tammy Marie Jett Adams; Terry Lynn Warren and Thelma Lee Davis Sanders.

Business listings

All-N-1, 2152 Coleman Road, Cornersville, TN 37047, owner: Frank Wray; M & M Buildings and Renovations, 1225 Hazelwood Road, Columbia, TN 38401, owner: Mathew Moseley; Mid South Construction, 1030 West Commerce Street, Lewisburg, TN 37091, owner: Jason Leonard; Quality Cuts Lawn Care, 311 Maplewood Drive, Cornersville, TN 37047, owner: Jon Tucker; RSC Auto Repair, 1610 Verona Caney Road, Lewisburg, TN 37091, owner: Richard Schade; Chickees LLC, 214 West Commerce, Lewisburg, TN 37091, owner: Jennifer Crow; Jays Vending, 747 Brookside Drive, Lewisburg, TN 37091, owner: Jeff Taylor; National Bridle Shop LLC, 815 East Commerce Street, Lewisburg, TN 37091; The Darling Dog, 538 Highland Avenue, Lewisburg, TN 37091, owner: Tarah E. Sanderson.

Land transfers

Charles Young S/D, Lot 1, 1.62 acres, $41,200, District 1, from Freda L. Young to Melissa K. and Vance R. Tankersley; Coble Acres S/D, Lot 14, $134,900, District 1, from Federal National Mortgage Association Fannie Mae to Richard J. Schuer and Christy M. Skinner; State Highway 99, 8.16 acres, and Harber Road, 16.74 acres, $20,000, District 1, from Alyssa R. Gugger to Mackrella Properties Inc.; Louise McCord S/D, Lot 1, $50,000, District 1, from Wayne and Shirley Blalock to John Marquiss; Mahaley Road, 24.88 acres, $39,680, District 1, from Randy M. Thayer to Cameron B. Andrews; Tract, 16.13 acres, $90,000, District 1, from Gary E. Finley to Daniel Moss; Stoney Brook S/D, Section 1, Lot 2, $17,000, District 1, from Jent Tate LLC, David Jent and Ross Tate to David Jent; Berlin Springs S/D, Section 4, Lot 10, 2.52 acres, $99,000, District 2, from Clint P. Holt to Stephanie M. and John W. Barron IV; Danny Mealer Addition, Lot 1, 4.47 acres, $45,000, District 2, from George Eslinger to Danny and Sherry Mealer; US Highway 31A, $395,000, District 2, from Big Bubbas & Kates LLC, Thomas G. Martin Jr. and Kathryn Lee Doornbos to Baba Sai Inc; Coleman Heights Addition S/D Revised Plan, Lot 18, $58,000, District 3, from Perryman Investments LLC and Ryan Perryman to Sheila E. Thomas; Cochran Cemetery Road, 3.6 acres, and Hwy 31A, 5.78 acres, $150,000, District 3, from Ralph and Carol Perryman to Shiv Madhu; Murrays Latest Addition, Lots 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15, $60,500, District 3, from Jean Rowlett Executrix and Mary Ellen Knott Estate to Andrea J. Childress; William Farris Taylor and Marjorie Survey, Lot 1, 51.21 acres, $25,000, District 3, from William F. and Marjorie M. E. Taylor to Emily Y. Taylor Hopkins; William Farris Taylor Second Addition, 16.94 acres, $24,000, District 3, from William F. and Marjorie M. E. Taylor to Irene Y. Taylor Bakken;

William Farris Taylor, Lot 2, 29.17 acres, $25,160, District 3, from William F. and Marjorie M. E. Taylor to William Edwin Taylor; Coleman Heights Addition, Lot 17, Silver Creek Road, 0.34 acre, Greater Lewisburg Heights S/D, Lots 18, 19, and 20, Marshall Avenue, 0.25 acre, $110,000, District 3, from Rex Richardson to Carla G. and James B. Brown III; Lowrance Estate Survey, Lot 1, 87.57 acres, and Lot 2, 77.72 acres, $424,000, District 4, from Tommy Higdon, Brenda Lowrance Upton, Joseph R. and Charles S. Lowrance, and Harlan W. Lowrance Estate to Clay K. Glenn; Lowrance Estate Survey, Lot 11, 127.41 acres, $160,000, District 4, from Tommy Higdon Special Commissioner and Harlan Wayne Lowrance Estate to Eugene and Shannon Harwell; Blue Creek Road, 10.57 acres, $60,000, District 4, from Charles A. Coble to John T. Menefee; Blue Creek Road, 8.83 acres, $60,000, District 4, from Chris Elizer to John T. Menefee; Bradford Road, $189,900, District 6, from Kathryn Smith Gunning to Vincent and Susan Peck; Keith Bigham S/D, Section 1, Lot 4, $78,000, District 6, from Rex A. Richardson to Joshua T. Curry; Hwy 431, 10 acres, $305,000, District 8, from Betty L. Russell to Hugh D. and Karen R. Adams; Round Hill Road, 5.01 acres, $23,500, District 8, from Gary Finley to John L. Moore; William England S/D, Lot 2, $53,000, from Jason N. and Alicia M. Warner to Mark, Tina and Joseph W. Pointer; Rose Marie Carter S/D, Lot 2, $3,500, from Rose Marie Carter, Dalton Crane and Jim W. Crain to John Worsham; Connelly School S/D, Section 1, Lots 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, $25,000, from Isaac Zimmerle and Rural Development Group LLC to Connelly Group Inc.; Depot Street, $38,000, from Alyssa R. Gugger to Mackrella Properties Inc.; Chapel Woods at Walnut Hills, Lot 99, $127,000, from Edward H. and Sue E. Allen to Robin A. Eaton; Sweeney Lane, 5.01 acres, from Ricky L., Beth S. and Anthony R. Sweeney and Jason Jent Atty in Fact to Tracy D. and Emmy L. Bruce.