Businesses, players raise money for kids' Christmas shopping

Wednesday, January 25, 2012
Tribune photo by Karen Hall A variety of players enjoyed the 3 on 3 Tournament at the Recreation Center Saturday.

From staff reports

With hope for another "3 on 3 Tournament" to support the Cops For Kids program, tournament officials report several hundred dollars were raised by the Saturday afternoon event at Lewisburg's Recreation Center.

The business-sponsored tournament has been held before, but Saturday was the first time admission proceeds were donated to the Cops For Kids program that provides youngsters with money for Christmas shopping each December.

After the event's costs were paid, nearly $625 were raised by the tournament from player entry fees and the price of tickets for spectators. Sales at the concession stand operated by volunteers increased the fund raised for the annual Cops For Kids shopping trip.

Mike Farrar and Sabrina Calahan of Farrar Bonding Co. organized the tournament.

The tournament was the perfect thing "to do on a rainy Saturday afternoon," Farrar said.

"Sabrina Calahan went to local businesses for donations," he said. "She took care of everything."

Calahan is his secretary.

"If it goes well maybe we'll do it again. All proceeds go to Cops for Kids," Farrar said.

Citizens who want to support the Cops for Kids program may call Capt. Rebekah Mitchell at the Lewisburg Police Department.

"It's such a good cause," Farrar said.

Games were fast and good-natured for the most part, with some players exhibiting a high level of skill. At times the play did get rough and argumentative, requiring the imposing presence of Officer Anthony McLean to bring players back to good sportsmanship.

"The play went well," Police Chief Chuck Forbis said. "I think everybody enjoyed the event and we're hopeful that if they do it again that it will be even bigger next time.

"There were a lot of spectators," Forbis said. "I know there were a lot of family members, spouses, girlfriends and kids.

Police Chaplain Shaun Grant organized volunteers who worked at the concessions stand.

"I think if they have a second tournament (for the Christmas program) there will be better turnout," Police Capt. Rebekah Mitchell said. "You always do better a second time. Hopefully we'll know in the spring."

Play started at 4 p.m. and continued until 7 p.m. City Police Officer McLean oversaw the drawing and the assignment of the brackets for the teams.

The eight teams playing were Team Detanation, Team Squad, Team Honeybadgers, Team Elite, Triple Threat, Team Bulldogs, Team Sparks and the Dream Team.

Results reported Tuesday show:

* Team Elite - including Antwain Vanlier, Cheau Hendricks, Lincoln Barnone Morris and A.J. Johnson - won first place and $500 as donated by Farrar Bonding.

* Team Sparks, with players Lamonn Harris, Nate Jones, Blaise Spencer and Hunter Osborne, placed second, winning $250 as donated by Omar's Sports Grille.

* Team Squad placed third with players Steve Jones, Joseph Franklin, Garrett Stiles and Jonathan Cannon, winning $150 donated by attorney David McKenzie.