Letter to the Editor

Board members did right thing

Friday, January 27, 2012

To the editor:

I am often tempted to respond to issues I read in the "Trib" (too often, to some peoples' thinking, I'm sure) when it is extensively covered that some particular organization or group thinks one of our "elected" governmental boards, commission, or council, etc., must do as the proffering entity desires ("directs").

I refer to the leading headline on Wednesday's issue of the Marshall County Tribune expressing a certain organization's disdain over being ignored by the Marshall County School Board which only had one member thereof attend their (so called) "Town Hall" meeting in the Courthouse Annex meeting room on Saturday.

I am very proud that the School Board, as an entity, recognizes that it had no duty to attend any meeting called by any special-interest PAC attempting to direct our School Board's policies, training, or practices. The only people the School Board members answer to are their individual district's constituents that elected them. They operate openly within our "sunshine" laws. Their duty, as an elected board, was to not attend.

The complaining organization has absolutely no directive rights over this School Board, nor does it have the authority to "call a meeting" mandating its attendance, either as a Board or individually elected members. The Board member who did attend, did so purely as a member (or guest) of the host organization; not as a representative of our School Board.

The hosting entity had a "meeting." They may call it a "Town Hall" meeting if they desire but, again, they had no authority to insist on attendance by anyone. I'm very proud of all of our elected School Board members who recognized who they work for, and, more importantly, who they don't work for, and more importantly, just who runs our public schools. It's tough enough as it is without someone from outside our county telling us how they want it done and being threatened with reelection next August.

Good job, Marshall County School Board. Keep putting our county's kids first.

I have taken as much care as I know how to remain "politically correct."


Thomas A. "Drew" Davidson