Letter to the Editor

NAACP speaks out

Friday, February 3, 2012

The Marshall County Branch NAACP would like to thank each and everyone that came to the Town Hall/School Board Meeting Jan. 21. We would also like to thank those of you who asked or turned in questions. Sometimes you may have to stand alone. Nevertheless we encourage you to stand. Stand for what matters to you and what's important. Yes Mr. Keny told Pres. Davis on Saturday morning that he would not be in attendance on Saturday afternoon.

While it's unfortunate that some board members felt insulted, we were just as insulted by your discussion not to show up. More so than feeling that the board doesn't care about the children, it seem as though you're not concern about your constituents or what they think.

The chairman made reference to Mr. Dukes and what a good job he and his staff are doing. Yes, Mr. Dukes is one of the best directors that we have had. Even though it doesn't seem like it considering all the bad press that he has received and some of it even came from some of the board members. Mrs. Dukes is not the issue. The issue is getting answers from the board.

Several people had come to us with their concerns about some School Board issues over the past two years. On Nov. 2, we intern took these concerns to the chair, Mike Keny and suggested that he call a Town Hall Meeting with the community to address their concerns. On Nov. 3, Mr. Keny contacted Pres. Gary Davis saying, "at this time, I am inclined not to have such a meeting." He also stated, "If your organization would like to host its own Town Hall Meeting and invite the board members that is certainly your prerogative." As Mr. Keny has stated the public is welcome to come before the board or call them to address their issues. Why have to make nine calls, which is what you'd have to do, if you wanted everybody's opinion. Sometimes one on one you might get a different conversation. Several people have appeared before the board, with no avail. The public's problem is that the board not only does not respond while they are there before the board, they don't even contact them later. How do you get your questions answered? This is the reason the NAACP and the community asked for the Town Hall Meeting. Why would you not want to address your constituents, the people who entrust their tax paying dollars to you? Why can't they get answers to their questions? Again why would you not want to address your constituents?

This was only the first meeting. We will hold others, until the community is satisfied. If you didn't get a chance to ask your question or address your issue, please contact us. Our mailing address is Marshall Co. Branch P.O. Box 2452, Lewisburg, TN 37091. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you.