Public Record

Friday, February 3, 2012

Marriage licenses

Steven Dewayne Dingwitz and Sarah Jane Hill; Bert Lavelle Head and Donna K. Russell Everett.

Business listings

Southern Goodies, 4658 Cook Lane, Lewisburg, TN 37091, owner: Liz Young; Whites Market, 2635 Nashville Highway, Lewisburg, TN 37091.

Land transfers

Holder Grainger Add On, Lot 2, 2.98 acres, and Barcheers Knox Add On, Lot 3, 1.67 acres, $90,000, District 1, from Rick Elmore to Peter Borisyuk; Moore & O'Neal S/D, Lot 3A, 0.59 acre, $1,300, District 2, from James A. and Brenda L. Moore to John and Betty O'Neal; Franklin Avenue, 0.78 acre, $26,000, District 3, from Fernando and Martha Rosales to Manuel Galvan Aparico and Daysi Mojica Galvan; US Highway 31A, 1.38 acres, $143,500, District 3, from Meade C. Hopkins TR and Bank of Frankewing to Tim Looney; Columbia Highway, $78,000, District 3, from Gary L. and Christy M. Hollingsworth to Johnny and Crystal Smith; Fairview S/D, Section 4, Lot 38, $105,831.49, District 3, from Stephen and Sharon A. Wright to Federal National Mortgage Association; East Church Street, 1.93 acres, $50,000, District 3, from Triumph Savings Bank FNA Equity Bank SSB to Donald B. and Sally J. Kania; Rolling Hills S/D, Section 5, Lot 6, $118,000, District 3, from Sara C. Hamilton to Matthew J. Koss;

Andrews Pickens, Lot 2, $2,500, District 3, from Gene Matthews to Edward B. and Lynn W. Tankersley; Harold K. Glenn Property, Lot 9, 8.77 acres, Lot 10, 7.62 acres, and Lot 13, 32.30 acres, $48,000, District 6, from Harvey Gillespie, Barbara G. Medley Administratrix and John Henry Gillespie Estate to John Karby and William B. Marsh; Yell and Gills Chapel, $48,000, District 6, from Doris Dalton and Marion Hicks to Brandon E. and Sarah Blackwell; Bivins Road, 1.03 acres, $37,641.23, District 6, from Loretta Lynn Dalton to Brandon E. and Sarah Blackwell; State Highway 373, 5.07 acres, $0, District 7, from Gary M. Hobby to Dixie Hobby; Polly Adams Road, 9.72 acres, $95,000, District 8, from Joseph W. and Martha L. Laster to Dwight L. and Scarlet Dixon.