NAACP recognizes Ricardo A. Owens

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Special to The Tribune

His name is Ricardo A. Owens, aka Solhlja the Poet. He is the published author of "Abstract Beyond Vizion." This book of poetic works was released in April 2010 and is now available major online booksellers, as well as from his Web site,

Owens also performs as a spoken-word artist in Nashville. His work is unique: written about different aspects of life and its realities.

This year he seeks to publish his second book of poetic works, and also has another project in progress consisting of his poetry.

Owens has been a member of the Second Avenue Church of Christ since childhood.

In the process of Owen's life, we of the NAACP have seen him encounter and overcome many obstacles. From brain surgery at four years old, a stroke during his surgery, going through therapy until age 16, and two more strokes at 19 and 23, Owens has remained optimistic, humble, and positive throughout it all. He is an athlete, participating in wrestling and power lifting.

Throughout the things affecting his life, never has Owens given up or let anything prohibit him from succeeding in his ventures.

He is strong, wise, and well rounded. He enjoys meeting people, loves entertaining, and lives life with strong faith in the Lord.

To contact Ricardo Owens, visit his Web site,