Public Record

Friday, February 24, 2012

Marriage licenses

Robert James Britten III and Jennifer Nicole Rainey; Robert Chad Hedgepeth and Vickie Lynn Perry Maxwell; John Franklin Moore and Cynthia Yvonne Mealer Woodward; Artenchis Wainwright III and Koley Danielle Rice; William Charles Wells and Amy Rochelle McCormick..

Business listings

Golden Shack, 605 West Commerce Street, Lewisburg, TN 37091, owner: Wendell Griffy..

Land transfers

Winns Crossing S/D, Section 4, Lot 20, $65,250, District 1, from First State Bank to Samuel J. and Debra Sands; Ezell Addition, Lot 3, $55,000, District 1, from Nancy A. and Charles H. Darnell Jr. to James Dugger; Verona Caney Road, 0.49 acre, $6,467, District 2, from Frank Tordy to Terry J. and Laura L. Powers; Verona Caney Road, $2,000, District 2, from Terry J. and Laura L. Powers to Rose Marie Carter, and Jim W. and Dalton Crain; Irwin Road, 5.21 acres, $0, District 2, from Elmer Riggs Jr. to Angela K. Riggs; Billie Ruth Wade Property, 5.01 acres, $30,000, District 2, from William L. and Janice S. Blunkall to Darrel W. and Brenda K. Glisson; US Highway 31A, 4.67 acres, $175,000, District 2, from William L. and Janice S. Blunkall to Darrel W. and Brenda K. Glisson; Rolling Hills S/D, Lot 19, and Section 1, Lot 18 PO, $71,000, District 3, from Mary E. Wolaver to Betty M. and James H. Bryan III; Larry Godbey S/D, Lot 1, $18,000, District 3, from Debra Harmon to Amanda Harmon; Woodlawn Street, $12,000, District 3, from Nancy Y. Walls Executrix and Dorothy H. Hopkins Estate to Perryman Investments LLC; Forest Hills S/D, Lot 50, $156,000, District 3, from Eddie and Bonnie Reese to Kyle E. and Cynthia L. Bolton; Blue Creek Road, 40.80 acres, $337,500, District 4, from Virginia J. Walker TR and Virginia Johnson Walker Revocable Trust to Ironhorse Farms LLC; Coleman Road, 1.1 acres, $28,600, District 4, from Michael M. Boyd TR, Frank McCubbins and Juanita A. Close to James R. and Sharon L. Wilma Dashti; Adams S/D, Lots 12 and 13, $40,000, District 8, from First Commerce Bank to Brenda Truelove; State Route 106, $0, from Greg Gillum to Tennessee Department of Transportation; Forrest Retreat S/D, Section 1, Lot 40, $82,000, from Federal National Mortgage Association to Darryl Williams; McKibbon S/D, Lot 1, 2.40 acres, $0, from Patricia E. Treece Personal Representative and Billy Joe Treece Estate to Patricia E. Treece TR and Billy Joe Treece Family Trust.