Students' quarters pay for vet's program license

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

From staff reports

Marshall County commissioners have authorized transfer of money from one account to another for the Veterans Service Office, an ordinary accounting action, but the source of the money and its use are what make the authorization notable.

Chapel Hill Elementary School students raised $1,321.65 and Forrest School students raised $1,115 - mostly in quarters - to help fund the Marshall County Veterans Service Office, according to an announcement on Veterans Day last year. Some of that $2,436.65 is for a computer program license.

VetraSpec is the computer program for claims processed at the County Veterans Service Office led by Billy Hill.

"The Tennessee Department of Veterans Affairs gave us one year for free," Hill said. "Next year, we have to pay something like $350" for the computer program's license.

And so, some of the money collected one quarter at a time by students in Chapel Hill will pay for the VetraSpec program license.

"The Town of Chapel Hill also gave us some money, too," Hill said.

The new program arrived in November.

"Since we don't have enough funds to get it on both computers, we have it on just one computer," Hill said.

The Tennessee Department of Veterans Affairs had another program, but it's license cost approximately $1,000, he said.

"Everything we used to have to do by hand can be generated by computer, printed out and signed," Hill said.

With the computer program, a veteran's file is maintained on the computer system, Hill said.

"They can come back three years from now or some other time and there it all is," he said of the records keeping system.