Tennessee Career Center to host job fair March 30

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

At the end of the month, residents of Perry County, and other Middle Tennesseans, will be able to apply for jobs at NYX.

The Tennessee Career Center in Linden will be hosting a Job Fair for NYX on Friday, March 30. Applications may only be submitted at the job fair and more details will follow in the upcoming weeks.

"Now is the time to be working on updating your resume and practicing your interview skills," said Wendi Jones, a career advisor for the Tennessee Career Center. "Interested applicants should sign up now for our resume writing and interview skills workshops, so that they will be prepared for the job fair. Being prepared should increase their chances of landing one of these great jobs."

For more information, or to sign up for the workshops, call the Tennessee Career Center at 359-9726.

The Industrial Development Board of Perry County is using a $1.76 million Economic Development Administration grant to upgrade a vacant industrial building in Linden to accommodate NYX Inc. The company has committed to establishing a $23 million manufacturing facility that will produce injection-molded plastics for a wide variety of automotive manufacturers.

Linden is about 75 miles west of Lewisburg.