Fingerprints made electronically

Thursday, March 15, 2012

By Clint Confehr

Senior Staff Writer

The end product is something that looks like a document used in a TV crime show that includes all the latest gadgets, but in the Marshall County Jail, the Cogent machine looks like some sort of photocopying machine.

And, in many respects, it is, according to Jack Cathey, the Marshall County Sheriff's reserve deputy who's in charge of information technology. Cathey, Sheriff Norman Dalton and Todd Knois, assistant administrator at the jail, described and displayed the $35,000 machine earlier this week.

"The money came from a grant from the University of Tennessee," Dalton said. "It's linked in with the Tennessee Department of Investigation.

"I think it's the first in the state," Dalton said of the Cogent brand machine made with technology from the 3-M Company. "There are four more in the state since we got ours."

Knois explained the fingerprint machine was installed late last year.

"The money didn't move until we were satisfied" with the machine's performance. "Then the money was moved to pay them."

Marshall County commissioners authorized transfer of the grant money from one account to another for payment of the Cogent bill.

"We had a few minor issues with it, ....for the rest of the story pick up a copy of the Marshall County Tribune