County residents miffed by higher gasoline prices

Friday, March 30, 2012

From staff reports

Ask anyone at the gas pumps these days and they'll tell you the price is too high.

And that's true here in Marshall County where the rate's hovered around $3.70 for about a week.

"Prices need to go down," Tommy Pruitt of South Berlin said while pumping gas at the Tiger Market at Franklin Pike and Highway 50 on Wednesday evening.

One pump over, Mary Michaels of Highway 99 was asked why gas is priced the way it is.

"I think there are a number of different reasons," Michaels said. "The market is taking advantage and it does not have to do with supply and demand.

"I do think that if we could get the Keystone pipeline laid, we'd be better off, but we'll eventually run out," Michaels said.

Pruitt's uncle finds lower gas prices at a station in Nashville, the South Berlin man said. And Michaels seemed to agree: "The big markets are playing us."

Thursday, a call to a Food Mart convenience store on East Commerce Street found an employee reporting the station was out of gas as of Saturday, "So they're changing to a different supplier."