Raises paid after Council said no

Friday, March 30, 2012

By Clint Confehr

Senior Staff Writer

Nearly one-fifth of city employees got pay raises after councilmen agreed all the staff should only get bonuses of $600 each, according to information obtained at City Hall and from eight city officials.

Annually, the financial impact is $78,837, a salary analysis for pay raises shows, but all that has not been paid yet because the fiscal year ends June 30. Some raises didn't start until autumn. A preponderance of the raises started before this fiscal year started July 1.

Lewisburg has about 100 employees. Eighteen are named as having received raises when the others got $600 bonuses only. Meanwhile, City Manager David Orr has noted that even with the raises, total payroll costs may be down this year because of retirements.

"There were salary dollars in this current year's budget that were raises when the council's direction was for no raises," Councilman Steve Thomas said. "There were some things that were put in the budget that were never presented to the council. We did vote for the budget...

"We voted for some things that we didn't have full knowledge of," Thomas said. "All the council is chastised by this."

If councilmen knew about the circumstances, he said, "Who knows what .....For the rest of this story pick up a copy of the Marshall County Tribune