Sheriff reports monthly

Friday, April 6, 2012

Marshall County Sheriff Norman Dalton provides a monthly report of his department's activities to county commissioners.

The summary of work and related costs follows.

Marshall County deputies traveled 34,491 miles while responding to 439 requests for service and serving 417 warrants and summons during the month of March. The warrants ranged from two worthless check warrants to 280 summonses. The request for service ranged from one emergency residential alarm call to 33 stray animal calls. Also among the request for service were: 32 suspicious person calls, 20 domestic violence calls, 18 false residential alarm calls and 17 false 911 calls. Reserve deputies provided 278 hours of volunteer service. Deputies also assisted with traffic control at 28 locations.

The correction officers booked and processed 199 inmates and traveled 2,494 miles while transporting 44 inmates to various locations and transporting 11 subjects to mental health facilities. The jail housed 53 inmates for the City of Lewisburg. Inmates worked 7,913 hours of volunteer service assisting other agencies and working inside the jail. The daily average population for March was 135.