Cosmolab trains employees

Friday, April 6, 2012

By Clint Confehr

Senior Staff Writer

Cosmolab, the well-established cosmetics business in Lewisburg, is taking steps to be more competitive as a "world-class project management company" serving name-brand companies that, ultimately, make men look at women's faces.

Virtually everything within the walls of Cosmolab's factory here is a trade secret, but last week Tennessee officials, right on up to Gov. Bill Haslam, announced a training grant for Cosmolab employees to improve their value to the company. It's an incentive to Cosmolab to keep its factory here.

To that end, the state is paying for some employee training conducted at the Career Center located on the Columbia State Community College campus on South Ellington Parkway.

In the ever-changing fashion industry, cosmetics companies are constantly offering new products: something different, alluring; something beautiful. Forty percent of what Cosmolab produces every year is something it hadn't sold the year before. Product development might be more important than its manufacture because it's got to be created before it's produced.

"Say we have a product that turns blue when you go out in the sun," says Donna King, human resources director for Cosmolab here, "and I'm making this up."

How could such a cosmetic product be applied to a woman's face? How would it be produced in a factory? If it's possible, will it be financially feasible, or for that matter, competitive in the fashion market?

Hugh Hasty is Cosmolab's research and development vice president here and he spoke about new product ideas after a recent class at the Lewisburg campus of Columbia State Community College.

"Ideas come from clients, the brands who market the products, from our marketing department in New York City - the hub of the fashion industry - and the R&D..for the rest of this interesting story pick up a copy of the Marshall County Tribune