Easter eggs hunted everywhere

Friday, April 6, 2012
Tribune photo by Clint Confehr Skylar Mae Gentry, 6, right, daughter of Marty and Gwen Gentry steps forward to her next Easter Egg, while Keaton Curtis., 7, son of Shannon and Lori Curtis, selects a choice prize.

From staff reports

CHAPEL HILL - Now is the time for all good children to hunt Easter eggs.

There's been a lot of that going on in Marshall County this week, and more to come this Easter weekend.

At the Smyrna Baptist Church on Morningside Drive on Palm Sunday, the Rev. Marcus D. Kelley was asked about the "higher meaning" of Easter egg hunts.

"I don't think there is one," Kelley replied. "I've heard people try to spiritualize it, but for us, it's just a time for the children to have a good time and to teach the Gospel."

Among the dozens of youngsters filling baskets with plastic eggs at the church yard that morning was Reese Williams, 6, daughter of Sarah and Brian Williams. They moved to Chapel Hill from LaVergne. Reese is in the 1st grade at Chapel Hill Elementary. Her sister, Reagan, is 1-1/2 years old.

"I always thought it was funny that the Easter Bunny brought chocolate bunnies for kids to eat," Sarah Williams said. "It's just great fun for the kids."

She and Brian agreed the Williams family would avoid eating the melted chocolate bunnies until after they'd been refrigerated.

"We've had people here today who normally wouldn't be here," Kelley said of another successful Sunday, complete with a bright blue sky and smartly clipped green grass, suitable for running and hiding eggs. "It's because of the activities for the kids and it's a time for us to share the Gospel."