LPD investigating stabbing death

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

By Clint Confehr

Senior Staff Writer

A woman who graduated from Marshall County High School in 1973 with Lewisburg stabbing victim Kay Colvett broke down and cried at her lost friend's Wood Crest Street home Monday morning. It had become clear that broadcast reports she'd heard were, about her classmate.

Bessie Kay (Redd) Colvett, 56, was stabbed to death "some time in the later afternoon, probably between 6-11 p.m." on Saturday, Lewisburg Police Detective Scott Braden said Tuesday before stepping into General Sessions Court where Judge Lee Bowles was to hold a bond hearing for Kenneth Colvett, 56, husband of the woman Kay Payne remembers as "a fun-loving, good friend" who had "such a great sense of humor."

Kay Colvett's husband, Kenneth, is charged with homicide and has made statements incriminating himself.

Payne lives in Lincoln County and drove to Lewisburg in hopes of disproving broadcast reports. She was shaking with grief and had to sit down again in her car's driver's seat. She'd parked in the Colvetts' driveway near two white Ford Ranger pickup trucks. The two Kays also went to the Marshall County Vocational Center in the late 1970s to learn how to become licensed practical nurses, Payne said.

The two Kays reconnected in person about six weeks ago at a funeral home for Sherry Holbert, a mutual friend. "We were running buddies, me and her and Sherry," Payne said. Kenneth and Kay met at a church in Farmington where he was active as a song leader, Payne said. She described him as quiet, but didn't have much time to get to know him.

Bessie Kay Redd was previously married to Ronnie Clark, but their marriage didn't last, Payne said. Another source substantiated information that Clark and his second wife died in a fire that's remembered by some area residents as an unsolved murder.

Kay and Ronnie Clark had ....pick up a copy of the Marshall County Tribune for the rest of this story.