Greenway signage added

Friday, April 13, 2012
Admiring the recently-posted signs along Lewisburg's Big Rock Creek Greenway are, from left, Leslie Colley, Barbara Woods, Ken Todd and Tisha Poling.

From staff reports

Several conservationists took time this week to take note that Lewisburg's Big Rock Creek Greenway has been enhanced with signs that explain the natural resource's value to the ecosystem, including mankind.

The signs provide interesting reading for walkers and others who are enjoying the great outdoors within the city limits. Some local history and economic developments are described by the full color signs designed by Too Squared LLC of Lewisburg.

Big Rock Creek water eventually flows into the Duck River and so Leslie Colley, Duck River program manager for the Nature Conservancy's Duck River Office in Columbia, found friends at Lewisburg City Hall, including Mayor Barbara Woods and Stormwater Director Buck Beard, as Colley proceeded with this latest project to enhance the Big Rock Creek Greenway.

The science of it all can become complex the further it's explored, but the root of it all is as simple as water flows down hill. The power of that flow can enhance, or disrupt, natural habitat. To address that fact of life, Congress enacted the Clean Water Act of 1972 and toward its goals the Nature Conservancy has received money from the Environmental Protection Agency to pay for projects that help...for the rest of the story pick up a copy of the Marshall county Tribune