Traffic study planned at intersection

Friday, April 20, 2012

From staff reports

Lewisburg police are to conduct a traffic study of the intersection of Water Street and Third Avenue North.

Councilman Odie Whitehead Jr. asked city councilmen to vote for making the intersection a four-way stop, instead of just having stop signs on Water Street.

Motorists traveling north on Third Avenue away from Commerce Street are driving down a hill, thereby having the tendency to increase the vehicle's speed, Whitehead said and Police Chief Chuck Forbis acknowledged there's an implied danger under those circumstances.

Councilman Ronald McRady asked about other nearby intersections.

Whitehead moved to make 3rd and Water a four-way stop intersection.

The normal procedure for any traffic control device is to do a study," Forbis said, "but I do drive it and believe it could help."

Mayor Barbara Woods asked if a study should be conducted and the chief agreed to have one conducted, so Whitehead withdrew his motion and a report is anticipated during the council's May 8 meeting.