Home invasion suspect allegedly used a gun

Friday, April 27, 2012

By Clint Confehr

Senior Staff Writer

A Marshal County man has "made statements contrary to his interest" when Lewisburg Police investigated a home invasion last week, according to a detective.

Shane Douglas Sanford, 31, of Spring Place Road, was released in lieu of bond from the county jail where he was booked April 17 on charges of aggravated robbery, aggravated burglary, and aggravated assault, Detective Santiago McKlean said.

Sanford allegedly brandished a .380 handgun late on the night of April 16 at a South Ellington Parkway apartment, thereby making the charges aggravated offenses, McKlean said.

Nobody was hurt during the incident.

Sanford is due in court on May 8.

"He's never been in trouble with the law before," McKlean said. "He admits to being at the apartment, but does not admit breaking in."

Sanford and a woman had been dating, Detective Sgt. David Henley said. While the two were seated in his pickup truck, "He demanded that she go in and bring him prescription drugs."

The pharmaceuticals apparently belonged to her relatives who live in the apartment.

"She ran into the house, closed the door and he broke in," Henley said. "They told him the police had been called."

It's believed that he heard sirens and left, the sergeant said.

McKlean said Sanford "kicked the door in."

Police dispatchers received the 911 call just after midnight.

"It took about 20 minutes to catch him," McKlean said. "They described the truck. Dispatch put out the description and there was a traffic stop"

Detective Scott Braden made the traffic stop and Officer Chris Sawyers was right behind him on South Ellington Parkway, McKlean said.

"They didn't find the gun in the car, so we put two and two together and searched," the detective said. "The fire department was called in to help with the search...

"Sgt. Henley was the one who actually located it in the grass maybe 2-3 feet from the road in the vicinity of the bridge," McKlean said.

The handgun has been sent to the state crime lab. City police are waiting for the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation to say whether fingerprints were found on the gun retrieved after dawn on that Tuesday.

Asked if Sanford had confessed, McKlean replied, "He still denied breaking in, but he's made statements contrary to his interest."