Woman prevails at Country Boy Show

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

By Clint Confehr

Senior Staff Writer

A Marshall County woman rode to victory Saturday evening during the Lewisburg Country Boy Horse Show held at the Expo Center on Robin Hood Road.

"Leighanne would be what you'd call the overall winner of the night," show organizer and announcer Big Dave Roberts said Monday about Leighanne Tibbs who runs Tibbs Highway Horse Farm with her husband, Michael.

The Tibbs and their associates won two classes.

* In the "Go As You Please Class," the winner was a horse named "He's No Ordinary Wolf," and the rider was Abby Stroud from Clarksville who keeps her horse at the Tibbs' barn.

* In the "Trail Pleasure Class," the same horse won, but for that class the rider was Leighanne Tibbs.

There were a number of other classes for the horses that attract aficionados from far and wide.

"One lady from Gulfport, Miss., had bought a horse from Tim Vance in Murfreesboro," Roberts said. "He told her, 'When you pick your horse up, come to the show.' She sure was excited to do that. They don't have anything like that where she lives.

"And, she placed well," he said.

"We're guessing close to 250" people were in attendance, Roberts said.

Attendance is also measured by the number of entries, although one horse may be entered in different classes and therefore be counted as more than one entry.

Saturday there were 178 entries, Roberts said

"In our April show, we had 239 entries," he said. "In May it was 100 entries in the rain. We started just as the torrential rain pour came down. I was ready to pack up and go home, but they kept signing up so we went on and that's a good number in these economic hard times.

"Lewisburg Ladybird was one of the horses that showed in the rain," Roberts said of the owner who wouldn't quit and became one of the class winners.

"Sept. 8 is our next show," Roberts said.

Herbert Wood and his wife, Rosemarie, of Lexington, Tenn., drove two and a half to three hours for the show here, he said.

Leighanne Tibbs "is so good with horses," Herbert Wood said to explain why their horse is stabled at Tibbs Highway Horse Farm near Petersburg. "She's done real good with our horse. She's gotten to where she's real close with us. She's an excellent trainer...

"This was just her second show," Wood said of Rosebud. "She's a Tennessee Walker. We're going to register her as a spotted saddle horse."

Wood is a retired tool and die maker who worked for IBM in Endicott, N.Y.

"The weather was great," Tibbs said of the evening. "They always have a good crowd compared to the Walking Horse and Spotted Saddle Horse shows in the same location."