Steps taken toward new courthouse door

Friday, June 15, 2012

By Clint Confehr

Senior Staff Writer

A monument, at least one tree, a flag pole box and lights to illuminate the outside of the Marshall County Courthouse may have to be moved to make room for construction of a new front door of the building.

The county commission's Buildings Committee was told Monday night of the situation discovered by James Kennon, the architect hired by the county to design the new entrance that is deemed necessary for security, handicap access and to stop leaks into the bottom floor courtroom.

"Sheldon and I are not comfortable saying things can be moved," County Budget Director Freda Terry said with a reference to Commissioner Sheldon Davis, a county school system employee who's also charged with the responsibility of maintaining the courthouse and other county buildings in addition to the schools.

The new entrance to the courthouse will be on the west side. The other doors will become exit-only doors.

One of the objects that might have to be moved is the historic marker that tells about Jim Nance McCord, 1879-1968, who served as a congressman, Tennessee's governor and Lewisburg's mayor. He was also publisher of the Marshall County Gazette, a precursor of the Marshall County Tribune.

Kennon was "hired to advise us," Commissioner Don Ledford said. "Let him tell us what needs to be moved and do it. We don't want a flag box or monument to keep us from stopping water coming in the building."

The commissioners then unanimously voted to have Kennon Architects deal with the issue.