Appropriate attire modeled

Friday, June 15, 2012

From staff reports

Nine students enrolled in Marshall County schools on Wednesday modeled appropriate attire at Lewisburg Middle School so parents, teachers and students could see what clothing fits the school system's dress code.

The code is substantially the same as last year, but the document has been edited for length and clarity, school officials said. The school board has decided to implement the new document for the system starting in the fall. It's to be reviewed in April.

The students' names, parents' and attire were as follows.

Madison Perryman, 13, Lewisburg, daughter of Shelia and Kenneth Perryman, wore a white lace top, khaki shorts and flip-flops.

Megan Hollingsworth, 13, Lewisburg, daughter of Gary and Christy Hollingsworth, wore a two-tone blue horizontal stripe shirt, denim Capri pants and flip-flops.

Haley Hartley, 12, Lewisburg, daughter of Pam and Mike Hartley, wore a blue top with the school's tiger mascot spelled out on the front. Her blue jeans led to black flip-flops.

Savanna Gipson, 13, of Belfast, grandchild of Sarah and Daney Gipson wore a blue denim jacket, a white lace dress and thong sandals with a heel strap.

Glyndon R. Wicks II, 13, Lewisburg, daughter of Glyndon R. Wicks I and Aaron Stapleton, wore a green top with faux vest, a black skirt and black flats.

Ja'Vier Howard, 13, Lewisburg, son of Jasmine and Freddy Howard, wore a vertical striped blue shirt with three quarter sleeves, khaki cargo shorts, black socks and blue Vans brand shoes.

Joshua McKnight, 14, Lewisburg, son of Kim and Jeff McKnight, wore a tee shirt with an American Eagle brand logo embroidered on the front, blue jeans and brown Nike shoes.

Ethan Poteete, 14, Belfast, son of Jason and Kristina Poteete, wore a white collared pullover short-sleeved shirt with stripes and an embroidered IZOD logo on the front. Blue jeans and white Air Max shoes rounded out his garments that day.

Stuart Warner, 14, Cornersville, son of Alisa and Howard Warner, wore a white crew neck tee shirt under a blue collared pullover shirt with horizontal white stripes and an "A87" Aeropostale logo embroidered on the front. He wore black, white and brown Nike Air Max shoes and khaki shorts.