Teen to be tried as adult

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

From staff reports

A young Lewisburg man's case was transferred from juvenile to circuit court after a closed hearing during two days last week.

Jerron Blake Braden, 18, was implicated in the Nov. 21 death of Penny Blackwell Coyle just before Christmas 2011. He was 17 at the time of the shooting and turned 18 two days later.

Friday, "the charge of first-degree murder was transferred to Circuit Court," Assistant District Attorney Mike Randles said.

Law enforcement will present the case to the grand jury, and "they'll decide whether to return an indictment," Randles continued.

According to a Dec. 20 press release from Sheriff Norman Dalton, Detective Bob Johnson served "a juvenile petition for criminal homicide" on Braden. Juvenile suspects are, technically, not arrested. They are taken into custody on a petition to the Juvenile Court asking that they be declared delinquent because the act for which they are accused would be a crime if they were older than 18 years of age.

Braden's name and mug shot had been appearing on the JailTracker Web site listing the inmates of Marshall County Jail, but Bowles ordered them removed, and Dalton complied.

Bowles held a transfer hearing for Braden the afternoon of Thursday, June 14, and for an hour or so in the morning of Friday, June 15. It was closed to members of the press and public. News sources said witnesses were not allowed to remain in the courtroom after their testimony, as is often done, but were required to leave.

Braden's name had not re-appeared on JailTracker as of Tuesday morning, so it is unknown whether he is being held in the Marshall County Jail, or elsewhere.