Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Thefts and vandalism reported

* A white GMC truck with a skid loader on a trailer was stolen from a job site on Wallace Thompson Road sometime after 11 a.m. June 22, and wrecked about 5 p.m. on Robin Hood Road, striking an AT&T utility pole with telephone wires attached. The driver reportedly fled the scene in a black SUV.

* On June 24, a Fayetteville resident reported to Marshall County Sheriff's Department that vehicles and other items had been taken from a home on Richmond Road, Petersburg, possibly by the property owner's girlfriend. The missing items include a black Ford F150, a green Toyota Tercel, a red Harley-Davidson, a Barrett Jackal crossbow, a pellet rifle, a Magellan GPS, a 300-piece Craftsman mechanic's tool set, and a cell phone. Total value of the missing items is estimated at $7,345.

* Between 11 p.m. June 23 and 1 a.m. June 24, someone kicked in the back door of a home on Simpson Lane, and took guns and cash. Total value of the missing items is $2,950, and cost of repairing the door is estimated at $500. The guns included a Remington Model 710 30-06 with a Bosch scope, a CVA Model 2001 .50 caliber muzzleloader with a Redfield scope, a Model 1200 Smith & Wesson 12-gauge pump shotgun, and a Ruger 9 mm pistol with magazine.

* Between midnight and 8 a.m. June 19, someone took a black 12-foot single axle trailer from the front yard of a home on Franklin Road. On the trailer were a 22 HP 48-inch cut John Deere riding mower and a red 5.5 HP, 22-inch cut Huskee push mower. A Stihl weedeater that was leaning on a nearby tree was also taken. The trailer's right brake-light lens is broken and the jack is bent back. The trailer has a homemade spring-assist system to help lift the tailgate. The weedeater head that feeds the line needs to be replaced. Total value of the missing items is estimated at $3,340.

* A red 16-foot tandem axle trailer worth $2,000, a floor jack and miscellaneous Snap-On tools, worth a total of $600, are missing from a home on Verona Caney Road.

* Two wedding rings and an anniversary ring, worth a total of $1,200, were taken from a home on Old Farmington Road by thieves who got in through a rear door from the deck. The owner's dogs then got into the house and did some damage.

* A Lewisburg woman reported to the Marshall County Sheriff's Department someone pretending to be a relative called her from Missouri and persuaded her to send money by Western Union to pay a traffic ticket, promising to repay her when he returned to Lewisburg on Friday. When the woman called her relative on Sunday to see if he got back OK and ask when she would get her money, he told her he had not been out of town, but had worked all week. The same person reportedly called other family members, but they were not taken in by his scam. Total amount lost is $706.

* Between 5 p.m. June 23 and 9 a.m. June 24, someone made two holes in the side of an 18-by-4-foot swimming pool in the backyard of a home on Sumerset Circle. Owner estimates the cost of the damage at $700, including the water and chemicals lost.

* A man who lives on Limestone Avenue reported the loss of his wallet with $600 in it and told police his ex-girlfriend might have stolen it.

* During the night of June 21-22, someone took a Sony CD player and nine CDs from an unlocked Buick parked at the owner's home on Crestland Street. Total value of the player and CDs was estimated at $490.

* Someone scratched a bad word into the driver's door of a white 2008 Chevy Trailblazer parked at Northgate Arms Apartments while the owner watched her grandchildren. Cost of repair is estimated at $400.

* Both sides of a man's vehicle were keyed by an ex-girlfriend while the Chevy was parked in front of his home on Endsley Avenue. She was observed by a neighbor. Cost of repairing the damage is estimated at $400.

* All four tires of a car parked at the owner's home on Joyce Avenue were cut between June 18 and 19. Cost of replacing the tires is estimated at $400.

* Property was reported missing from a rental house on Reynolds Road, possibly taken by tenants who were moving out. The missing items include two antique lamps, a steamer trunk, 24 rusted Victor jump traps, a trapping shovel, a camo compound bow, and a 50-foot orange extension cord. Total value of the missing items is estimated at $332.

* A black Llama .40-caliber pistol worth $300 and a yellow Dewalt drill and charger were stolen from an unlocked truck parked at the owner's home on Mt. Vernon Road during the night of June 22-23.

* Sometime between June 8 and 19, the glass was broken out of the back door of a home on Saint Anne Street. Nothing appeared to be missing, but the door will cost $200 to repair.

* Prescription medications worth $110 and a piggy bank containing $20 in change were taken from a home on Bryant Street while the owner was away all day on June 23. There were no signs of forced entry.

Arrested and charged with driving under the influence

* William D. Perryman, 21, Chapel Hill. Bond: $500; court date: July 24. Also cited for open container.

* Mark A. Crutcher, 46, Cedar Street. Bond: $1,500; court date: Aug. 6. Additional charge: driving on revoked.

Arrested and charged with driving on a revoked license

* Vangoalan Darrel Lipscomb, 38, Columbia. Bond: $3,000; court date: July 10. Lipscomb was also cited for speeding and having no insurance. This is allegedly his third offence of driving on revoked. At the jail, Lipscomb was served with a criminal summons for probation violation, and on this the court date is Aug. 6.

Arrested and charged with domestic assault

* Betty G. Moore, 48, Glenn Avenue. Bond: $1,000; court date: Aug. 6.

* Christopher M. Elliott, 31, Dickson. Bond: $1,000; court date not stated.

Arrested and charged with public intoxication

* Luke G. Ellis, 24, Dickson. Bond: $500; court date: Aug. 6.

* Kelley Eugene Stephens, 28, North Street. Bond: $1,000; court date: Aug. 6. Additional charge: possession of drug paraphernalia.

Arrested on a warrant for theft by deception over $1,000

* Michael S. Hurt, 44, Saint Anne Street. Bond: $1,000; court date: Aug. 14. Hurt was also served with a violation-of-probation warrant, and on this the bond is $3,000.

Arrested on a violation-of-probation warrant

* Tobias Rodrigues, 22, Collier Road. Bond: $5,000; court date: June 27.

* Renaldo V. Haynie, 46, Pulaski. Bond: $1,000; court date: July 17. Haynie also has a probation violation from Lewisburg City Court, and on this warrant bond is $1,000; court date: July 9.

* Greg A. Zollner, 42, Delina Road. Bond: $1,000; court date: July 30.

* Cathy Marie Buttrey, 22, New Columbia Highway. Bond: $250; court date: July 24.

Served with a violation-of-probation warrant at Marshall Count Jail

* Shirley Renee Poarch, 25, Tiger Boulevard. Bond: $500; court date: July 30.

* Joseph Daniel Brock, 31, 7th Avenue North. Bond: $250; court date: July 16.

Turned himself in on a violation-of-probation warrant

* Samuel D. Andrews, 23, Columbia. Bond: $1,000; court date: July 2.

Arrested on a failure-to-appear warrant

* Pamela Joyce Edwards, 53, Cornersville Road. Bond: $5,000; court date: July 9.

* Darrell K. Wentzel, 52, Cornersville. Bond: $1,000; court date: June 26.

* Bradley Allen Knupp, 30, Thompson's Station. Bond: $1,000; court date: July 17.

Served with a failure-to-appear warrant at Marshall County Jail

* Derek A. Peters, 24, Summertown. Bond and court date not stated.

* Christian T. Owens, 23, Cummings Circle. Bond: $5,000; court date: Aug. 6.

Served with an attachment at Marshall County Jail

* David Lee Porter, 34, Shelbyville.

Served with an attachment from Juvenile Court

* Bobby Joe Carter, 18, Chance Avenue. Held without bond for an available court date.

Served with an attachment for child support

* Amphanh Vichitvongsa, 45, Memphis. Held without bond for court on June 27.

- Karen Hall