Four named as allegedly selling illegal drugs here

Friday, July 6, 2012

By Karen Hall

Staff Writer

At the last meeting of their six-month tenure, Marshall County grand jurors handed down a number of indictments for men and women who are alleged to be local drug dealers.

Kenneth Ray Davidson, 47, of Thomas Street, was charged with sale and delivery of cocaine on March 4 and 11, 2011, as well as possession of cocaine with intent to sell and deliver. Davidson's bond was set at $45,000, and the Public Defender's Office was assigned to represent him.

Jimmy Deshawn Ridley, 31, of 7th Avenue North, was charged with sale and delivery of crack cocaine on Aug. 3, 2011. He was also charged with sale and delivery of crack in a drug-free school zone on Feb. 10, as well as possession of marijuana, and resisting arrest. Circuit Court Judge Robert Crigler gave Ridley until July 25 to hire an attorney. The judge warned Ridley that if he did not appear that day with counsel, he risked having his bond increased or even revoked.

Serena Lynn Ward, 25, of Dickson, was charged with the sale and delivery of crack, allegedly on Nov. 25, 2008.

Africa McQuiddy, 31, of Murfreesboro, was arraigned in Circuit Court on June 27, though she was indicted the previous month. McQuiddy is charged with conspiring to sell crack cocaine with her sister, Tonya Hampton, 39, of 4th Avenue. Special Agent Shane Daugherty of the 17th Judicial District Drug Task Force alleges that Hampton was the one who talked to the confidential informant, but McQuiddy completed the exchange of drugs for money on Nov. 10, 2011. Since Hampton is represented by the Public Defender's Office, a different attorney had to be appointed for McQuiddy, and the judge chose Bill Haywood.

Indictment does not mean a person is guilty.