Backpack ministry issues appeal for weekend meals

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

From Staff Reports

For some Marshall County school children, the only meals they get are at school and so, among other food ministries based in Lewisburg, the Backpack Ministry is dedicated to addressing that need.

LifeSong Family Church on South Ellington Parkway prepares bags of food to be sent home with children over the weekend so they will have something to eat. The program is not government funded.

The ministry sponsored 48 children during the 2011-12 school year and program leaders anticipate the number will grow. There was a lack of funding last year, so there were was an inadequate amount of food for the youngsters to take home on weekends then.

With the resumption of school this week, the ministry's volunteers have been looking for more economical food to be discreetly stuffed into needy students' backpacks before they leave school on Fridays. The volunteers acknowledge the economic realities for everyone in Marshall County, but explain that sponsorships of more than $30 a month are needed.

Among the items packed for two days of meals are spaghetti cups, Vienna sausages, cereal cups, fruit snacks and containers of drinks.

To assist the Backpack Ministry, or to just get more information on how to help, call 359-6112. The ministry is associated with Care Kitchen, a weekly meal provided by churches that take on the responsibility on a rotating basis each Thursday. For more on the Care Kitchen, call 637-9057. Call 931-205-4167 for the Food Outreach program that distributes food every Wednesday evening.