Dangerous 'schizophrenic' escapee caught; lawmen

Thursday, August 9, 2012

CHAPEL HILL -- A halfway house escapee -- described as dangerous and as a mental patient charged with decapitating his mother -- was captured by the state's chief ranger just north of Henry Horton State Park mid-day Thursday, authorities said that afternoon.

Kenneth R. Malladay, 35, was held in the Marshall County Jail for about three hours until Hickman County Sheriff's officers picked him up, Jail Administrator Sabrina Patterson said. Nashville broadcast media report Malladay was found not guilty by reason of insanity in the stabbing death of his mother and attempted murder of his stepfather in Hickman County during 2003.

He had been recently spotted in Cornersville and in Bedford County. The Shelbyville Times-Gazette reported police said he was described as having hair dyed blond and a week-old growth of beard. He was wearing a green skirt and white shirt with a backpack.

After his trial, Malladay "was sent to Middle Tennessee Mental Health in Nashville and then a halfway house in Antioch," Marshall County Sheriff Norman Dalton said Thursday afternoon.

Mallady might have been recaptured sooner, but there was a delay in when his information was entered onto the National Crime Information Center's computer system.

"On Tuesday, Aug. 7, our officers got a call about a suspicious person at Holt's Corner," Dalton said. Those Marshall County officers spoke with Mallady, got his name and other information, compared it to the crime computer system's database and came to the conclusion that Malladay wasn't wanted by law enforcement agencies.

"Late Wednesday we got a call from the Tennessee Bureau of Information and the Hickman County Sheriff's Department asking did we have him, and we said no because he wasn't wanted" when Dalton's officers found Malladay.

"Then they said he was an escapee," Dalton reported. "They confirmed it today and our officers were informed that we had an escapee here and we went looking for him."

Not long after noon Thursday, state park Ranger Shane Petty "saw a white male fitting that description who was walking on the walkway of the Highway 31A bridge over the Duck River," Dalton said. "He spoke with him and identified him."

Petty "did apprehend the individual but he had to use pepper spray the subdue him," the sheriff reported. "Deputy Michael Burgess transported him to the Marshall County Jail to hold him for Hickman County which has come to pick him up."

Homeless was what was listed in the jail booking record for where Malladay lives.

WTVF TV, Nashville, reported that police said Malladay is schizophrenic and has not been taking his medication.