2012 Forrest Rocket Football Preview

Friday, August 24, 2012
2012 Forrest Rockets Photo by Phillip Pullen

Rockets hungry for return trip to playoffs

2011 Record 8-4, District 4-2, Playoffs 1-1

In 2011, the Forrest Rockets finished in a three-way tie for second place in District 9A, losing their only two league games to Eagleville (11-1) at home by two points and at Moore County 28-21 in the last week of the regular season before blanking Houston County 35-0 in the first round of the playoffs in Chapel Hill.

Riverdale High School and MTSU graduate Joe Moos is in his first year as head football coach at Forrest High School. Photo by Anthony S. Puca

The win over the Irish sent the Rockets to the second round of the TSSAA playoffs for only the second time in school history and it seemed like Forrest was going to advance to round three before suffering a heart breaking 14-10 defeat at Decatur County Riverside in the final 15 seconds of the ballgame.

The hurt stung then and it still stings now.

Senior Richie Smith summed up the loss well, saying, "It sticks in the back of my mind, I think about it every day. What happened in the past stays in the past, but believe me, we have learned well from that and we will not forget."

Forrest Managers Front row from left, Hannah Phifer, Rachel Henson and Lauren Patin. Middle row from left, Sydney Strasser and Piper Elmore. Back row from left, Kathleen Warner, Taylor Watson, Baylee Dowers, Shelbey Mitchell and Sydney Lampley. Photo by Phillip Pullen

Kyle Stacey, who guided the Rockets for 10 years and posted a 60-47 overall record, including six playoff appearances resigned his post after the season and shortly afterwards, the Chapel Hill squad was under the guidance of Joe Moos, who had assistant coaching stints at Marshall County under Don Thomas and at Cornersville with Ray Stocstill.

Moos had a great high school career at Riverdale, being named all-state, all-county, all-Mid-State and all-region as a senior.

Moos was also a Mr. Football candidate as a Warrior senior and played in the Kentucky-Tennessee All-Star game before going on to play and earn a degree at MTSU.

Forrest Seniors Front row from left, Colby Ralls, Will Garrison, Brooks Lamb, Shannon Holder, Byron McCulloch, Amber Bourland, Spenser McGuiggan, Jesse Thomson and Dakota Zimmerman. Back row from left, Richie Smith, Zach Osborne, Brandon Miller, Dakota Whaley, Matt Kracke and Brandon Beech. Photo by Phillip Pullen

"It is an honor to take over for Coach Stacey, he has done a great job and I just hope we can continue to build on the tradition," said Moos. "Above all else, we want to have honor and integrity in all we do."

The Rockets have plenty of experience, returning13 returning seniors on the 2012 squad and are led by senior signal caller Brooks Lamb.

"I expect Brooks to keep doing exactly what he has been doing," said Moos. "Just be a leader on and off the field and I am so proud of everything he has done."

Front row from left,Savannah Oliver, Amber Bourland, Shannon Holder and Charlie Bruce. Second row from left, Ali Bennett, Samantha Horner and Shelby Holder. Third row from left, Brianna Jones, Briar Mays, Brooke Gentry and Kolby Holmes. Back row from left, Kayla Eaton, Adriana Hardin and Hannah Haynes. Photo by Phillip Pullen

Lamb talked about his senior season, "This kind of snuck up on me, but I hope to make the most of it. I am very excited about the offense this year, everything that we are doing. We are doing a lot of different stuff, getting everyone involved and our skill players are outstanding."

In front of Lamb this year on the offensive line will be three seniors out of the five protectors, including Spenser McGuiggan, Logan Wright, Dakota Whaley, Blake Beasley, and Zach Osborne.

"We are still not where we want to be, but we are getting there," said Moos. "I have had to move some people around, but we are working one day at time to open up those holes to get the things done we want to do."

At tight end, Lamb and the Rockets have Byron McCulloch and Logan Hollingsworth in the game at the same time and both can block and catch the ball downfield.

The Forrest strength once again will be behind Lamb as the Rockets have a plethora of running backs with different styles.

Smith has moved from his fullback position to running back and said, "I have been waiting for this year since I was in Little League football. I am just ready to pick up this big old season and get going. We have a strong team, a strong family, and I think we can go a long way as long as we do what coach Moos says and do the right things."

Moos sports a stable full of runners besides Smith with the most promising tailback being sophomore Dontay Baugh, who is the juker and speedster that will counter balance Smith's power.

"Dontay has a lot of potential," said Moos. "But what I told him, potential is a great word, but can also be a negative word because if you don't meet what we want you to do it is a bad thing, but if you meet those expectations and even go higher than you have gotten really good."

Also, the Rockets have another experienced running back in Brandon Beech, who can take it to the house at any time, plus Moos sports some youngsters in Austin Harmon and Dylan Booker.

"They are all kind of different," said Moos. "Richie is the bruiser, Dontay is more of the kind that is slippery and can run by you and Beech is kind of a mixture of the both where he can run some and bruise some. Hopefully we can use it to our advantage, if we can bruise we will keep bruising, and once you get the bruise we can put Dontay in some and Beech in some. Even Booker and Harmon, we have really liked what they have been doing."

There are two players that are dangerous with Jacob Daughrity potentially being the most versatile player on the offensive side of the ball.

"He is our Percy Harvin," said Lamb.

Daughrity can split out and take the deep ball from Lamb, go over the middle to make the tough catch in traffic, and come speeding out of the backfield if necessary.

"It's going to be fun this year," said Daughrity. "We are going to be good this year, I think we go undefeated the whole season if we come together as a team and stay together."

The top secret weapon of the camp so far is senior Tyler McClendon, who will see time on the offensive side of the ball in specialty situations and is the head-hunter of the defensive unit at his linebacker position.

"I am going to be running the ball a little more than in the past," said a smiling McClendon. "But a lot more defense than offense and I like the role of being that guy that hits somebody. If we do the little stuff right, we should go a long way this year."

On defense, Forrest should be very stout with many experienced players in the lineup.

"We will see," said a wry Moos.

Overall, Forrest must get through the tough early season schedule that puts them on the road three out of the first four weeks before coming back to "The Rock" in Chapel where they will entertain Cornersville after a week off in Week 6, MTCS in Week 8, and back-to-back home games with archrival Cascade in Week 10 and Moore County to end the regular season.

In between, the Rockets travel to defending district champions Eagleville in Week 7 and to Franklin County to take on Huntland in Week 9.

"The board right now, says Perry County," said Moos. "We got one game and after that we have one game. I tell them, one game at time and if we take care of business with that mindset, I think we will be alright, we will just see what happens."

Moos finished by talking about the support of the Chapel Hill Community.

"I will tell you one thing, I really didn't know what Chapel Hill meant, but I am so proud of the Lions Club. I have met so many of them and they have done so much for us and there is a great sense of pride here. The Lions Club has put Chapel Hill on the map. And I just hope our football team can build on that and represent Chapel Hill like they do."

Asked about what mark he can leave on the football team and the community, Moos said, "Integrity." "No matter what, wins or losses, when I was at Riverdale we lost four games in four years, but you can't keep those trophies. But, I learned work ethic and integrity and if they learn that they will be great men and great husbands the rest of their lives.

2012 Roster

Head Coach-Joe Moos 1st Year

Assistant Coaches

Jacob Harber

Jordan Turner

Kasey Merchan

John David Allen

No. Name Position Class

1 Brandon Anderson WR, DB Jr.

2 Logan Hollingsworth TE, LB So.

3 Brandon Beech RB, LB Sr.

4 Thaddeus Reyes WR, DB Jr.

5 Chance Hargrove LB So.

6 Dakota Zimmerman WR, DB Sr.

7 Trevor Wellisley WR, DB Jr.

8 Dontay Baugh RB So.

9 Jacob Daughrity WR, DB Jr.

10 Austin Harmon WR, DB So.

11 Tyler McClendon RB, LB Jr.

12 David Andrews QB Fr.

14 Brooks Lamb QB, DB Sr.

15 Scotty Hardin QB Jr.

17 Jake Elkins QB Fr.

21 Ben Chumbley DB So.

22 Tanner Roberson TE, LB So.

25 Cage Hargrove WR,DB Jr.

26 Dee Osborne FB Jr.

27 Dylan Booker RB, DB So.

31 Lorne Adams RB So.

32 Byron McCulloch TE, DE Sr.

34 Alex Roheller LB Jr.

35 Tyler Adcock FB, LB Fr.

38 Jesse Thomson LB Sr.

40 Cody Taylor LB Jr.

41 Richie Smith RB Sr.

42 Matt Kracke TE, LB Sr.

43 Clay Watson LB Fr.

50 Blake Leonard OG, LB So.

51 Spenser McGuiggan OT, DT Sr.

52 Dakota Holderman OT, DT So.

53 Dakota Whaley OT, DT Sr.

55 Blake Beasley OT, DT So.

59 Logan Ray OT, DT So.

60 John Mark Blanchett OT, DT So.

61 Neyland Darnell OT, DT Fr.

62 Boone Sweeney OT, DT Fr.

65 Evan Morris OT, DT Jr.

66 Nik McGuiggan OT, DT Fr.

67 Brandon Miller DT Sr.

68 Austin Pickard OT, DT Jr.

70 Caleb Perryman OT, DT, KR Fr.

71 Dylan Stofel DT Fr.

72 Tristan Sawyer DT Fr.

73 Will Garrison DT Sr.

74 Zach Bowman DT So.

75 Zach Osborne OT, LB Sr.

77 Logan Wright OT, DT So.

79 Tyler Hart OT, DT Jr.

80 Colby Ralls WR, DB Sr.

81 Joseph Williams WR Fr.

83 Peyton Sisk DB Fr.

84 Andrew Charles K Jr.

86 R.J. Therrien K So.

87 Neely Hopkins WR Fr.

88 Nick Tahmassebi WR So.

89 Chris Haggard P Jr.

2012 Schedule

Date Opponent Location Time

Aug. 17 Perry County Away 7p.m.

Aug. 24 Collinwood Away 6p.m.

Aug. 31 Community Home 7p.m.

Sept. 7 White House Away 7p.m.

Sept. 21 Cornersville Home 7p.m.

Sept. 28 Eagleville Away 7p.m.

Oct. 5 MTCS Home 7p.m.

Oct. 12 Huntland Away 7p.m.

Oct. 19 Cascade Home 7p.m.

Oct. 26 Moore County Home 7p.m.