MCYFL Week 3

Friday, September 7, 2012


Jr. Cowboys 18Jr. Bobcats0
Jr. Tigers34Jr. Buckeyes32


Pee WeeJr. DivisionSr. Division
Packers3-0Buckeyes2-1Red Devils2-0

Falcons 7 Warriors 6

The Warriors and Falcons got Week 3 started with great defensive battle that ended in regulation with a scoreless tie. The league uses high school rules for OT games with both teams getting equal turns from the 10-yard line to try and score. The only difference being that just two OT attempts are used to try and break the tie. This game only needed one. The Falcons went first and put Braysen Atchley into the end zone on a 10-yard TD run. KJ Jackson added the extra point run to give the Falcons a 7-0 lead. After a couple of penalties by the Warriors they found the end zone with Marcus O'Neal scoring on a 15-yard TD run. The Falcons defense came up with the stop on the extra-point run and got the win 7-6.

Falcons Offense: Braysen Atchley 10/36 1 TD, KJ Jackson 8/34 1 XP, Isaiah Serrano 1/2

Warriors Offense: Marcus O'Neal 10/42 1 TD, Markese Davis 1/20, Jamahl Gentry 1/14

Falcons Tackles: Braysen Atchley 6, KJ Jackson 4, Kavarion Whitaker 1, Asher Riggins 1

Warriors Tackles: Marcus O'Neal 8, Markese Davis 5, AJ Jones 3, Jamahl Gentry 1, Khamani Ewing 1

Packers 19 Eagles 7

The Packers scored quickly on their first possession with Antwon Cowthorn going 47 yards for the score to give the Packers the early 6-0 lead. The Eagles answered back in the second quarter with Demari Braden scoring a 13-yard TD and Peyton Cherry added the extra-point run to go up 7-6. The Packers answered back. After a 58-yard run by Marquay Allen, Khalil Hill would score on a 2-yard TD run to give the Packers the 12-7 lead at halftime. The Eagles would keep it close in the second half but a 10-yard TD run on the last play of the game by Cowthorn sealed the win for the Packers. Carson Keiler added the extra point run to make the final score 19-7.

Packers Offense: Antwon Cowthorn 8/101 2 TD, Marquay Allen 3/58, Carson Keiler 4/17 1 XP, Khalil Hill 3/16 1 TD

Eagles Offense: Demari Braden 7/51 1 TD, D'Corian Jameson 4/31, Peyton Cherry 5/16 1 XP

Packers Tackles: Antwon Cowthorn 9, Carson Keiler 3, Taylor Blawusch 2, Marquay Allen 1, Reid Mitchell 1

Eagles Tackles: D'Corian Jameson 5, Demari Braden 4, Peyton Cherry 3, Xavier Mosley 2, Nathan Ashworth 1, Elijah Wentzel 1

Jr. Cowboys 18 Jr. Bobcats 0

The Cowboys got on the scoreboard first in the second quarter with Kel Greer running in a 15-yard TD to make it 6-0. Greer would add a 2-yard TD run near the end of the half to make it 12-0 for the Cowboys. The Cowboys would add to their lead in the third quarter with Greer scoring his third TD of the day on a long 71-yard run and give them the 18-0 win.

Cowboys Offense: Kel Greer 13/140 3 TD, Devonte Davis 5/50 and 1/1 passing for 6 yards, Evan Green 1 reception for 6 yards, Javion Brown 5/6, Silas Hurt 1/2

Bobcats Offense: Chaye McElroy 8/32, Makaleb Perry 9/27, Gage Gibson 3/18, Trey Brown 1/15, Haden Duke 4/5

Cowboys Tackles: Evan Green 7, Kel Greer 7, Hunter Rolof 6, Silas Hurt 4, Bryson Burm 3, Javion Brown 2, Caden Dunn 1, Devonte Davis 1, Austin Penley 1

Bobcats Tackles: Makaleb Perry 6, Gage Gibson 3, Landon Griggs 3, Chaye McElroy 3, Jonathan Young 2, Haden Duke 2,Triston Patton 2, Jyasius Humphrey 1, Trey Brown 1, Stacey Cross 1, Trey Ballentine 1, Amarion Sizemore 1

Jr. Tigers 34 Jr. Buckeyes 32

The Buckeyes scored on their opening possession with Caneilus Turner going in from the 1-yard line to take the early 6-0 lead. Turner would recover the onside kick attempt and the Buckeyes added to their lead with Turner scoring on a 22-yard TD run and Drew Jimenez running in the extra point run to make it 13-0. The Tigers finally got a turn on offense in the second quarter, but would turn the ball over on downs and the Buckeyes made it a 19-0 lead with Turner scoring on a 10-yard TD run. Everyone probably thought this game was over but the scoring was just beginning. The Tigers would get Javarria Rucker into the end zone on a 64-yard TD run and Christian Stacey would add the extra point run to cut into the lead 19-7. Rucker would then recover the onside kick and on the next play from scrimmage he would go 54 yards for the TD. Stacey again added the extra point run and the lead was down to 19-14 at halftime. Rucker would keep the momentum going for the Tigers to start the second half returning the kick-off 65 yards for the touchdown. Stacey added the extra point run to give the Tigers the lead 21-19. The Tigers would recover another onside kick with Rucker coming up the loose ball and three plays later Rucker would score a 31-yard TD run to put the Tigers up 27-19. The Buckeyes finally shook off the 27 unanswered points by the Tigers and took a seven-play drive into the end zone with Turner scoring a 1-yard TD. The Tigers would stop the extra point attempt and held on to a 27-25 lead. Rucker would add his fifth TD of day on a 16-yard run and Stacey again added the extra point run to increase the Tigers lead to 34-25 to start the fourth quarter. After getting a defensive stop the Tigers seemed in control with just over three minutes left in the game but a quick four-and-out gave the ball back to the Buckeyes and three plays later Hayden Sheppard scored on a 1-yard TD run and Jimenez added the extra-point run cut into the lead 34-32. With no timeouts left the Buckeyes would set up for the onside kick and get the recovery. With just over a minute left they would drive down inside the 10-yard line, but the clock would run out giving the Tigers the 34-32 win.

Tigers Offense: Javarria Rucker 12/272 5 TD, Christian Stacey 9/19 4 XP, Cainen Martin 1/3

Buckeyes Offense: Caneilus Turner 21/189 4 TD, Hayden Sheppard 17/96 1 TD, Kintarius Morris 3/11, Drew Jimenez 3/6 2 XP

Tigers Tackles: 17 and 2 onside kick recoveries, Christian Stacey 8, Kortez Ingram 7, Jeffery Carls 3, Kamarion Ingram 2, Cainen Martin 2, JD Armstrong 2

Buckeyes Tackles: Hayden Sheppard 5 and 1 onside kick recovery, Caneilus Turner 4 and 1 onside kick recovery, Logan McKnight 1, Drew Jimenez 1, Omari Armstrong 1, Izzy Diaz 1