MCYFL Week 5

Friday, September 21, 2012


Pee WeeJr. DivisionSr. Division
Packers5-0Tigers3-1Red Devils4-0

Eagles 24 Warriors 12

The Eagles opened up the game with a 60-yard touchdown run by Demari Braden. The extra-point run failed, but the Eagles led 6-0. Elijah Wentzel would recover a Warriors fumble and two plays later D'Corian Jameson ran in a 42-yard touchdown to make it 12-0. The Warriors got on the scoreboard on their next possession with Markese Davis scoring on a 38-yard touchdown run to make it 12-6. The Eagles increased their lead to 18-6 on a 6-yard touchdown run by Braden right before halftime. The Warriors opened up the 2nd half with a fumble recovered by the Eagles Wentzel. Two plays later Braden scored on a 5-yard run to give the Eagles a 24-6 lead. The Warriors took a 10-play drive into the end zone with Marcus O'Neal scoring on a 7-yard run to cut into the lead, but the Eagles won it 24-12.

Eagles Offense: Demari Braden 5/122 3 TD, D'Corian Jameson 6/65 1 TD

Warriors Offense: Marcus O'Neal 6/69 1 TD, Markese Davis 3/48 1 TD, AJ Jones 2/25

Eagles Tackles: D'Corian Jameson 5, Markese Davis 4, Demari Braden 2, Cannan Ruiz 1, Elijah Wentzel 2 fumble recoveries

Warriors Tackles: AJ Jones 3, Marcus O'Neal 2 & 1 fumble recovery, Markese Davis 2, Jamahl Gentry 2, Camren Hazel 1

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Packers 19 Falcons 7

The Falcons held the ball the entire first quarter and got on the scoreboard first with KJ Jackson scoring on a 22-yard run and then adding the extra point run to make it 7-0. The Packers answered back two plays later with Antwon Cowthorn running in a 28-yard TD. The extra-point run failed and the Falcons would go into halftime with a 7-6 lead. The Packers opened up the second half with a 70-yard TD run by Cowthorn. Cowthorn would add the extra-point run to give the Packers a 13-7 lead. The Falcons moved steadily down the field moving the chains and it looked like they might retake the lead late in the game but a fumble recovery by Cowthorn killed the drive. Two plays later Cowthorn put the game away with a 65-yard TD run to give the Packers a 19-7 win.

Packers Offense: Antwon Cowthorn 4/166 3 TD 1 XP, Khalil Hill 2/32

Falcons Offense: KJ Jackson 17/118 1 TD 1 XP, Isaih Serrano 3/6, Braysen Atchley 1/3

Packers Tackles: Antwon Cowthorn 11 &1 fumble recovery, Taylor Blawusch 5, Carson Keiler 4, Reid Mitchell 3, Khalil Hill 1

Falcons Tackles: KJ Jackson 2, Kicen Flemmings 1

Mustangs' Kavarus Tears being chased by the Bobcats' Tyler Young

Mustangs 29 Bobcats 7

The Mustangs pulled off the onside kick to start the game with Lamarcus Dodson getting the recovery. Six plays later the Mustangs got on the scoreboard with Keshun Gentry running a 7-yard TD. Kavarus Tears hit Dakota Childress for the two-point conversion and an 8-0 lead. The Bobcats drove down to the Mustang 18-yard line before Tears came up with an interception to stop the drive. The Mustangs would give it back on a fumble recovery by Hayden Hubbard and the Bobcats got on the scoreboard with Bryce Reynolds scoring on a 1-yard TD. Tyrese Coffey added the extra-point run to cut into the Mustangs lead 8-7. The Mustangs opened up the second half with a big kickoff return by Dodson down to the Bobcats 24-yard line. On the next play Tears ran in a 24-yard TD and then found Keylin Talley in the end zone for the two-point conversion and a 16-7 lead. After a fourth-and-out by the Bobcats, the Mustangs struck again with Chandler Gillespie scoring a 19-yard TD run to make it 22-7. The Mustangs got on the board again in the fourth quarter with Caleb Darnell running in a 1-yard TD. Tears added the extra point run and the Mustangs got the win 29-7.

Mustangs Offense: Kavarus Tears 7/61 1 TD 1 XP & 5/8 passing for 65 yards, Lamarcus Dodson 2/44, Keshun Gentry 5/24 1 TD & 1 reception for 13 yards, Chandler Gillespie 1/19 1 TD, Jaleel Howard 2/13 & 2 receptions for 39 yards, Daylon Closson 2/13, Caleb Darnell 3/12 1 TD, Dakota Childress 1/8 & 1 reception for 3 yards & a 2 PT conv., Trey Bryant 1/5, William Childress 1/5, James Cameron 1/3, Cameron Estes 1/1, Blake Hobby 1/1, Keylin Talley 2 receptions for 10 yards & a 2 PT conv.

Bobcats Offense: Tyrese Coffey 7/71 1 XP, Gray Wiser 7/27 & 2/3 passing for 5 yards, Knequann Smith 1/27, Bryce Reynolds 6/14 1 TD, Hunter Mitchell 1/12, C-Reontae Holt 5/6, CJ Bryant 3/5 & 2 receptions for 5 yards

Mustangs Tackles: Keylin Talley 6, Keshun Gentry 5, Caleb Darnell 5, Lamarcus Dodson 5 & 1 onside kick recovery, Trey Bryant 3, Kavarus Tears 2 & 1 INT, Chandler Gillespie 2, Jaleel Howard 2, Blake Hobby 2, Dakota Childress 2, William Childress 1, James Cameron 1, Daylon Closson 1, Ethan Petty 1

Bobcats Tackles: CJ Bryant 4, Hunter Mitchell 4, Tyler Young 3, Eric Young 3, Tyrese Coffey 3 & 1 fumble recovery, Zychaun Yarbrough 2, Bryce Reynolds 2, C-Reontae Holt 2, Gray Wiser 1, Hayden Hubbard 1 & 1 fumble recovery

Red Devils 19 Bears 12

The Bears opened up the game with an 11-play drive that resulted in a Camryn Ruiz 1-yard TD run. The extra-point run failed, but the Bears had the early 6-0 lead. The Red Devils answered back and put KJ Johnson in the end zone on a 11-yard TD run. Johnson ran in the extra-point run to give the Red Devils a 7-6 lead. The Red Devils got on the scoreboard again in the second quarter with Wesley Walker scoring on a 10-yard TD run and took a 13-6 lead. The Bears would answer with Teshun Hill breaking free for a 43-yard TD run to cut the lead to 13-12 at halftime. The Red Devils open up the second half on offense but Joseph Freeland covered up a loose ball and the tone was set for the second half as both defenses played tough until late in the fourth quarter. The Red Devils would get on the scoreboard late in the fourth quarter with Johnson scoring on a 1-yard run to make it 19-12. The Red Devils would get one more big play on the kickoff with Johnson coming up with the onside kick recovery to seal the win.

Red Devils Offense: Wesley Walker 27/156 1 TD, KJ Johnson 5/34 2 TD 1 XP, Mitchell Ford 5/28

Bears Offense: Teshun Hill 17/136 1 TD, Miciah Greer 11/47, Camryn Ruiz 1/2 1 TD

Red Devils Tackles: Jesse Keysaer 7, Wesley Walker 6, Taylor Clark 4, Mitchell Ford 3, Lane Buttram 3, KJ Johnson 3 & 1 onside kick recovery, Kevontez Allen 2, Kelby Walker 2, Austin Wright 1

Bears Tackles: Teshun Hill 9 & 1 fumble recovery, Miciah Greer 7, Camryn Ruiz 6, Eric Barrie 4, Jayshon Wilcox 4, Kyrese Hazel 2, Alex Tidwell 2, Keewon Ingram 2, Antonio Warren 2, Joseph Freeland 2 & 1 fumble recovery