Policy to prohibit fast foods in schools

Friday, December 7, 2012

From Staff Reports

Marshall County's school board on Monday will consider adjusting policies to abide by federal regulations regarding school lunchroom operations and bullying, according to the board's policy committee chairman.

One of the adjustments will, in effect, say that "Grandma can't bring Krystals in for her grandson to eat in the school," board member Barbara Kennedy explained Tuesday night when she also noted a loophole in the federal regulation.

There's no punishment, Kennedy said.

However, adopting the federal regulation keeps the school system eligible for funding of the free and reduced meals sold to students, she said. Furthermore, Kennedy says it's unclear how school officials will be able to know if a grandmother brings Krystals in a plain paper sack.

Meanwhile, it's still OK if a mother sends her children to school with a sack lunch she made.

Other policies to be considered address discrimination, harassment, bullying and reporting such misbehavior, she said.

"We have policies that address all kinds of things that I don't know much about, nor do I hear about because they're handled in the schools," Kennedy said.

"I don't get those calls," she said.