Fuller returns to manage city for 90 days

Friday, March 15, 2013

By Karen Hall

Staff Writer

A former city manager is back in office for 90 days to help Lewisburg keep moving in the right direction.

At the city council's March meeting Tuesday, Mayor Barbara Woods, who has been acting city manager since Tommy Engram resigned, suggested council members put Eddie Fuller back in the job.

"It's beyond my ability to give an answer in a timely manner," said Woods of some of the problems she's been asked to solve.

"I'd like it to start tomorrow as a 90-day contract," she said. "You'd have an expert helping you again. He in no way wants to be considered for any longer."

Councilman Ronald McRady was oppposed to the idea.

"I don't think we need anybody," he said. "We have good directors of departments. I don't feel like we need anybody for that short period of time."

"I don't feel I'm always able to provide answers," Woods said again.

When the vote was called for on whether Fuller should be hired for 90 days, McRady was the only one in opposition.

Fuller signed the agreement Wednesday, City Recorder Brenda Brewer confirmed.

"I won't make any major decisions," said Fuller in a telephone interview Thursday, "There will be a new mayor and councilmen on June 1."

Fuller said he agreed 100 percent with McRady that Lewisburg has good directors of departments, but added, "I'll help the department heads. Sometimes they need the support of a city manager."

One of the last things Fuller did as city manager before he retired in October 2010 was negotiate the contract with Allied Waste.

Now he'll be a part of choosing the next provider of trash services, whether councilmen decide to continue with Allied or choose another company.

Fuller called it a priority, since the contract runs out on June 30 and if a new provider is chosen, they need time to order the garbage carts they will be providing.

Other priorities to be addressed in the next 90 days include issues of street paving, and the city budget, since a new budget year starts on July 1.