The Answer Book tells the history, events, and offerings of the entire community

Wednesday, August 21, 2013
Tribune photo by Glenda Ward PIctured with copies of the Answer Book are, from left, Mike Wiles, Joe Boyd Liggett, and Jim Ward.

"The Answer Book does a great job of informing everyone about the communities in our county. It has great articles on local citizens from the past to the present, listings of tourism events, and areas of the county to visit. The magazine has a very professional look and will be very helpful in showcasing Marshall County," said Mike Wiles, executive director of Marshall County's Joint Economic and Community Development Board.

Capturing the essence of such a special community with the local warmth of southern family in just a few photos and pages is a difficult task.

"The time and effort put into this book is reflected in the colorful pictures and the detail of information. This should be a valuable asset to anyone who seeks answers about our community. Thanks to all who worked on this project. Great job!" said County Mayor Joe Boyd Liggett.

Working on the Answer Book has made a tremendous impact on the Tribune staff. Through interviews, research, and the interaction with local, everyday life while preparing the Answer Book everyone has been reminded just how fortunate they are to live in an inviting county full of Southern charm.

"We've seen up close and in living color the beauty and opportunities Marshall County offers," said Jim Ward, general manager of the Marshall County Tribune.