Animal Shelter has new scales

Friday, August 30, 2013
Tribune photo by Karen Hall Pictured with Sly on the new scale at the Animal Shelter are, from left, Janet Harris, Susan Ragsdale, Dr. Tresha Grissom, and Linda Salway.

By Karen Hall


Animal shelter volunteers are pleased with the new veterinary-grade scales recently installed at the Shelter.

The Rotary Club got the scales through a grant, encouraged by local veterinarian Dr. Tresha Grissom, who has always been a friend to the shelter. The scales were donated to PAWS Now, who in turn donated them to the shelter.

Behind the scales is a backdrop of silhouettes of dogs, showing different breeds' typical sizes. This was created and donated by Linda Salway of Amazing Designs.

Volunteer Coordinator Susan Ragsdale had the idea for the backdrop, and when she explained her vision, Salway said, "I can make that happen."

"Linda knew what was in my brain," exclaimed Ragsdale, who noted other shelters have seen the scales and backdrop on the volunteers' Facebook page and said, "I wish we'd thought of that!"

Volunteers plan to photograph the dogs in front of the backdrop, so potential adopters can see how big they are. The scales will also be useful for accurate dosing of medicines by weight, especially wormer. All the dogs gain weight at the shelter, Ragsdale said.

Right now, shelter dogs are enjoying food that was originally sent to Oklahoma tornado victims. They turned out to have plenty, so cleaning supplies, food, and flea and tick treatments were donated to the Lewisburg shelter. There were also supplies for horses and cats, but these were passed on to places where they were needed.

It's a kind of "call it forward" system as animal lovers help one another out, Ragsdale said.

Puppy scales (rather like the baby scales seen in doctors' offices) were also donated, and they are installed near the bathtub, which was a gift from the City of Lewisburg. The bathtub is installed at waist height, to make it easy for volunteers to bathe dogs.

Attractive new flooring at the shelter was donated by the Bill Derryberry Company and installed by the city.

The major renovations are completed at the shelter now.

The Animal Shelter Volunteers will have a booth at the Kids Fair in Rock Creek Park on Sept. 7, and also at Goat Fest on Sept. 27-28.

About 23 volunteers have been approved by Lewisburg Police Chief Chuck Forbis, Ragsdale said. A regular group of about 11 work at the shelter, while the rest are on standby.