BIGGER pets in the workplace

Friday, November 1, 2013

By Jessica Moore

Staff Writer

Casper the Great Pyrenees has been the face of Stone Craftsman LLC for two years now. Lisa and Larry Bare adopted him at the age of one from Big Fluffy Dog Rescue Center in the Nashville area. The day they met Casper, they were walking their son's German shepherd at a dog park in Franklin. Their dog walked right up to Casper, sat down beside him, and instantly they became friends. Lisa began talking to the lady walking Casper and found out that he was a dog living at their rescue center. This all took place on a Saturday. By the following Monday, Lisa Bare was at the rescue center adopting Casper. She had spent the weekend researching the breed, but it didn't take much and her mind was made up.

Casper loves going places with his parents. He sits in a seat just like any person would do.

Casper isn't the only Great Pyrenees at Stone Craftsman. The Bare family just welcomed six-month-old Amos into their home one month ago. "They are great dogs, very calm, and very gentle. All of our customers love Casper and Amos. We've even had people come and take their Christmas pictures with Casper," said Bare.

Casper is very good at reading people. Amos isn't far behind, but since he is still a puppy he still has to learn a thing or two.

"They can tell is someone is uncomfortable with them, and they back away," said Lisa Bare. Customers continue to be fascinated with Casper and Amos. Casper has even had an oil painting done of him by a customer who was also an artist. Casper also placed in the Pet of the Year competition in "Nashville Lifestyles."

"Having a dog at work is such a good idea. They really do help you, especially when getting through a difficult day," said Lisa Bare with a smile.

Casper and Amos don't have many quirks, they are really just gentle, loving, and calm. However, Amos does love finding things in the grass. Lisa Bare told many stories of the different things Amos hides in his mouth after finding them outside. Amos, who was adopted from the Clarksville Rescue Center, was recently diagnosed with Addison's disease and will have to take medicine every day for the rest of his life, but you couldn't tell it by looking at him. Casper receives a monthly injection to help ease the pain of his hip dysplasia. Neither Casper nor Amos seem to let these issues affect their daily lives. They still enjoy all of the day's activities and love going everywhere they can with their loving parents.