JECDB explores ways to help job seekers, students

Friday, January 17, 2014

By Jessica Moore

Staff Writer

Currently the Career Center at Columbia State in Lewisburg has a staff only two days a week and is considered self service the other three days. This was discussed during the Joint Economic and Community Development Board's executive meeting Tuesday morning, held at the Lewisburg campus of CSCC, alond with other topics relating to continuing workforce development throughout the county.

County Mayor Joe Boyd Liggett suggested the board look into finding a way to to have a staff member present at the Career Center during the entire week. This would better allow the Career Center to serve workforce development by being readily available to those in need of the center's services.

It was also suggested and widely agreed that the board look to find a solution to bringing wireless and broadband Internet services to residents across the county. There are still many areas county-wide that do not have access to Internet at home, or do not have access to speedy Internet. A high-speed connection is imperative for any student studying online and to anyone with the desire to work remotely from a home office. Board member and CSCC Lewisburg site Director Elizabeth McDow explained just how necessary the proper Internet connection/speed is to any student seeking higher education.

To piggyback take the idea a little further, Lewisburg's Director of Economic Development Greg Lowe suggested looking into becoming a "gigabyte county," an accomplishment recently reached by Tullahoma.

The meeting then ended after discussing the USDA Rural Conference to soon be held this April in Murfreesboro. The Conference has proven to be very beneficial our civic leaders in the past.