Spot Lowe producing future technical leaders

Wednesday, January 29, 2014
Members of the Gattis Leadership group listen as Spot Lowe Principal Lynn Stacey talks to them about automotive classes.

By Jessica Moore

Staff Writer

The Director of Spot Lowe Technology Center Lyn Stacey and his faculty welcomed the members of the Gattis Leadership Group Friday, Jan. 24.

Stacey gave a very detailed and thorough tour of the school and the many programs they offer. Spot Lowe offers classes to students from all over the county. They even have a program going for students in middle school. Since Lewisburg Middle School is adjacent to Spot Lowe, the program has been an easy transition. Spot Lowe has added several technical paths over the last decade. Stacey and his faculty have worked hard to make sure what is being taught in the classroom can be directly related to what a student may find in the workplace, including specific machinery, programs, and technology. Many of their students are involved in a cooperative internship with local industries. This opportunity allows the students to get even more hands-on experience and school credit. All of those teaching at Spot Lowe have previously worked within the field they are instructing.

Spot Lowe currently offers programs in cosmetology and health sciences. Welding, automotive, and electromechanical paths are available. Engineering, which is in high demand at this time, is also offered at Spot Lowe, with classes in engineering design, civil engineering, principles of engineering, and introduction to engineering.

Stacey told Gattis Leadership visitors there are options other than traditional college for post-secondary education, and technical schools are a great and valuable resource.