Codes and zoning dept. in the black this year

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

By Jessica Moore

Staff Writer

The County Commission held its monthly meeting Monday evening at the Courthouse Annex. With all the commissioners present the meeting rolled along smoothly.

Building Codes Inspector Don Nelson reported having a very busy first two quarters for the fiscal year which started July 1, 2013, and will end on June 30.

The Marshall County Building Codes and Zoning Office sold 211 building permits. Of those permits, 48 were for homes, 25 were commercial projects, 68 were for plumbing, 40 for garages and miscellaneous, 15 were remodeling, nine were for pools, and six were for manufactured homes. Of the 211 total permits, 22 had floodplain issues. In 18 cases, the structures were located out of the floodplain and documented as such. The remaining four were built in the floodplain in compliance with the Floodplain Ordinance.

The department's total revenue for the first half of the fiscal year was $166,478. Total expenditures for operations during that time were $72,808.29, so the Building Codes and Zoning Department is currently $93,670.01 in the black.

Nelson also reported for the year 2013 the Building Codes Office performed 2,042 inspections and gave 107 owner/contractor consultations.

He also reported the proposed widening of North Ellington Parkway from Walgreens to Tiger Market now ranks No. 1 in priority in TDOT's FY 2015-2017 Three-Year Program.

Nelson also noted the City of Lewisburg's proposal for improvements to the 1st Avenue North corridor from the square to Rock Creek Park, made by City Manager Randall Dunn, also ranked No. 1.

All elections, appointments, and new business resolutions passed unanimously 18 -- 0. There were many guests present at the meeting, two of whom are members of Junior Leadership Marshall. Both are seniors at Forrest High School. Savannah Oliver plans to attend Tennessee Tech University and major in pre-law. Parker Stacey plans to attend UT Chattanooga and major in communications.