Largest ever Junior Beta Club induction service held at CVES

Wednesday, February 5, 2014
Junior Beta Club inductees filled the stage at Cornersville Elementary School last week.

By Karen Hall


Principal Cheryl Ewing was justifiably proud of her school when the largest ever Junior Beta Club induction service was held Friday at Cornersville Elementary.

To qualify for Junior Beta Club, students need a 93 average for their fifth grade year, and a 93 average for the first half of the sixth grade year.

Seventeen were qualified when school started in August, but by Christmas, 19 additional students had brought their grades up to the point where they could be included in the club.

"Those 19 worked so hard so they could be in," said club sponsor Debbie Gage.

"Beta Club exists as much for the school as for the students," she continued. "It develops citizenship and leadership in the whole student body. They lead by serving others, and the club is funded by dollars the students raise."

The service was a solemn one, with club officers each lighting a candle. President-elect Sydney Downs lighted a white candle, which stands for leadership and patriotism; Vice President Chelsea Coble lighted a red candle for love, wisdom and bravery; and Secretary Tilden Jackson lighted a blue candle for truth, constancy and fidelity. Member representatives Elizabeth Worley and Zak Holder then lighted candles in the national Beta Club colors of black and gold.

Downs led the Junior Beta Pledge, which says "I hereby declare that I will always strive to be honest and truthful at all times, to maintain a creditable scholastic record, to be of service to my teachers and fellow men, to conduct myself in an ethical and moral manner, (and) to reflect credit upon my school and community."

One by one the students stepped up to the table, lit a candle, and received their Beta Club pins and certificates from club sponsor Amanda Putman.

"We're so proud of you," exclaimed Ewing, when all the candles were burning and students had returned to their places on the bleachers set on the stage.

The gym was packed with proud parents, grandparents and family members, and students stayed in position on the stage for several minutes for photos.

Afterwards, the Cornersville Action Team hosted a reception in the school library.

On March 3 and 4, students from Cornersville Elementary will be at Opryland for the Tennessee Beta Convention, with thousands of Beta Club members from all over the state.

2013-2014 Junior Beta Club members for CVES, in addition to those already mentioned, are: Hunter Adams, Kade Adcox, Laura Allen, Dylan Baus, Heaven Beever, James Brugmann, Wesley Calahan, Ashton Cheatham, Ashtyn Curtis, Hutton Foster, Sorrell Garrell, Bryan Giles, Trace Griest, Jordyn Griffis, Cassidy Haley, Colton Holder, Brooke King, Luke Ledford, Devon Massengill, Jackson Mitchell, Miranda Owens, Tanner Reese, Lily Repasky, Payton Salsman, Payton Tucker, Jake Singleton, Guy Vanhooser, Hunter Wentzel, Houston Williams, and Tyler Wolaver. Unable to be present were Blake Jones and Jasmine Langendoerfer.