Medical marijuana candy found in Giles County

Friday, February 7, 2014

By Illana Tate

Executive Officer, TBI

NASHVILLE -- Special Agents in the Drug Division of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, along with members of the Giles County Sheriff's Department, arrested Cino Antonio Thomas, 51, of Pulaski, and charged him with possession of a Schedule VI drug for resale, and possession of unlawful drug paraphernalia. Thomas' bond was set at $202,000, and he remains in the Giles County Jail. His first court appearance will be Feb. 11.

On Jan. 16, a student was found to be in possession of medical marijuana candy in a Giles County school.

After a joint investigation with the Giles County Sheriff's Department and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, authorities arrested Cino Thomas at his residence in Pulaski Wednesday. He has allegedly been distributing marijuana candy called Ghanga Goo around Giles County. After a consensual search of the home was conducted, approximately 10 pounds of marijuana candy and one pound of marijuana were seized.

Intelligence collected during this investigation indicated Thomas coordinated the delivery of the medical marijuana to Tennessee where he packaged and distributed it. Thomas received the medical marijuana from a dispensary in Omer, Mich. and mailed it to himself in Pulaski.

Omer is the second-smallest town in Michigan, and there is a Denali Healthcare clinic there twice a month, run by Dr. Robert Townsend. According to Denali Healthcare's website, Townsend "is active in the medical marijuana community in Michigan on both the local and state level, and writes extensively on subjects related to medical marijuana, pain management, and narcotic addiction therapy. He is a long standing member of Cannabis Patients United, a organization that is active politically on the state level protecting the intent and implementation the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act."