Vision Plan to be revealed to public next Thursday

Friday, March 7, 2014

By Karen Hall


At last -- after months of discussion and work -- the Vision Plan for the City of Lewisburg is ready to be revealed to the public.

It will be presented at 6 p.m. Thursday, March 13, at the Rec Center. Richie Jones, a partner at Hodgson Douglas, which prepared the plan, will show a PowerPoint, accompanied by large graphic displays highlighting visions for the city for the next five, 10, and 20 years.

The Vision Plan has been unanimously approved by the City Council -- now it is your chance to see what is in store for Lewisburg.

A link to the Vision Plan will soon be placed on the city's website,, but don't miss this opportunity to see the plans on a big screen.

The Community Development Board worked hard with Hodgson Douglas for several months, and input from every sector of the community was received and considered.

Before all this started, in April 2012, a group from the Wyoming Rural Economic Development Office visited Lewisburg. The "Wyoming Group," as they became known, heard from over 155 people in 13 listening sessions and received over 75 written comments from community members. The creation of a comprehensive plan for the city was one of their recommendations, and city council members hired Hodgson Douglas to do the job.

Financial constraints meant that a plan to address all the key issues the community faces was not possible, so the Vision Plan focuses on three key topics: open space, corridors, and downtown.

"A plan is a vehicle for implementing the community's vision with respect to environmental conservation, historic resources, open space, recreation, land uses, transportation, infrastructure, economic development, housing, the downtown, civic facilities, schools, libraries, and related issues," explains the introduction to the plan.

Some states require a community-wide comprehensive plan to be created every five years, but this is not mandatory in Tennessee.

"Nevertheless, if citizens want to see their tax revenues spent in a thoughtful and strategic manner that strives toward fiscal efficiencies, they will value planning," notes Hodgson Douglas.

Fired by enthusiasm now that the Vision Plan is complete, CDB members are looking at an "I Love Lewisburg" campaign, and at a graphic design which might be used as part of the city's signage, as well as contributing to "branding" the city with a distinct identity.

City tax dollars were spent to have the Vision Plan created, and next Thursday, citizens have a unique opportunity see what they got for their money, ask questions, and imagine what Lewisburg might look like in the future. Don't miss it!