Five bridges named for outstanding county citizens

Friday, March 14, 2014

By Jessica Moore

Staff Writer

Last week the signs on five newly dedicated bridges were uncovered. Unveiling ceremonies, including friends and family of those being honored, were held Wednesday and Thursday.

The resolutions to name the bridges after these outstanding citizens were passed by the County Commission in November, but ceremonies were postponed because of the unusually cold weather.

The first bridge revealed Thursday afternoon was for the late James M. Walker for his dedication to his family and his farms in the Robertson Fork Community. The second bridge dedicated Thursday afternoon was for James H. Haislip. Haislip is a lifelong resident of Marshall County, living on New Lake Road since 1961. He is known to be "selfless, helpful, and of honorable character." Unfortunately, as you can see in the picture, Haislip's name was spelled wrong on the bridge signs, so these will have to be replaced.

On Wednesday last week, three bridges were dedicated to past residents of Marshall County. The first to be dedicated that morning was a bridge for the late Ella Robertson McLain. She was born in 1914 and moved to the Mooresville Community when she married Mr. McLain. She was known for her loving and kind personality, and her deep love for her home and community as well as years of service and dedication. Also dedicated in the Mooresville Community was a bridge for the late William Leonard Hobby. He was a resident of Mooresville, a devoted dairyman, and loyal member of the Mooresville Church of Christ. The last bridge dedication to take place Wednesday afternoon was in Belfast, for the late Robert Luna. Luna is remembered for his "loyal dedication to Marshall County," with 40 years of service to the city of Lewisburg and the Marshall County Highway Department.

At the same County Commission meeting in November, resolutions were passed to dedicate bridges to Quentin and Morris Looney and Louis Lingner, but these are on state routes, so have to be approved by the General Assembly. Also awaiting approval from Nashville are resolutions to name West Ellington Parkway, between State Routes 50 and 373, the "Detective Eugene Leverette Memorial Parkway" and to name the bridge on State Route 270 over Spring Creek the "James Caldwell Memorial Bridge."