911 Board works to improve emergency communication in the county

Friday, March 28, 2014

By Jessica Moore

Staff Writer

The 911 Board held their monthly meeting Wednesday morning. All members were present with the exception of City Manager Randall Dunn, John Smiley, and Sheriff Norman Dalton. The first order of business discussed at the meeting was the Request For Proposals recently sent out for the radio console needed by the Emergency Medical Services department. Unfortunately, there were no bids made. The board discussed resubmitting the RFP to allow for more time, and what to do next month if there are still no bids. The radio console is an important piece of equipment needed for dispatching.

Also discussed during the meeting was the status of the PowerPhone software for the dispatching services. Joey King, director of communications at the EMS department, gave the update.

"Everything is installed at this time. They are just testing everything" to make sure there aren't any issues, said King. "We hope to have PowerPhone up and live within two to four weeks, but I am shooting for two weeks," he added.

Lewisburg Police Chief Chuck Forbis gave an update on the police department's mobile Computer Aided Dispatch system. The total cost ended up being almost $8,000 cheaper than originally planned (always a plus), totaling approximately $82,000 versus the original $90,000 estimate.

Plans for consolidating the dispatching department from each emergency service were gone over in detail. The board reviewed and tweaked a PowerPoint presentation they hope to share with each entity that would be affected by the consolidation. They hope to present their thoughts and ideas at next month's meeting.