Traffic forced to slow down in Rock Creek Park

Friday, April 11, 2014

By Karen Hall


Little by little Lewisburg is becoming safer and more beautiful.

At the city council's monthly meeting Tuesday, City Manager Randall Dunn announced the "traffic calming devices," which he called "speed tables" had just been installed on Old Farmington Road where it passes through Rock Creek Park. The pedestrian crossings have been repainted, and new yield signs have been placed on them.

Near Rock Creek Park, the last house on the east side of 1st Avenue North, which the city bought, has been completely removed, and the trailer next door should be gone within two weeks.

Codes and Stormwater Director Buck Beard has been working on getting unsightly and dangerous houses torn down.

"The house on 5th Avenue is ready to come down," he reported. "The person who wants the bricks has been told about it."

Demolition permits have been written for a house on Thomas Street and one on 2nd Avenue, Beard said. Owners of a house on Park Street, which might have been a candidate for demolition, were doing some work on the building, he added.

"Buck does a good job," said Mayor Jim Bingham. "He's fair but firm. We've got a ways to go."

Councilman Odie Whitehead Jr. continued his campaign against garbage and recycling containers left at the curb all week long.

"Let's keep mentioning it," he said. "It just takes a little while to move the can back out of sight. Get your mail -- get your can."

Bingham pointed out the city has some of the smaller cans, so if a resident can't manage a large can, they can be given a small one.

A letter about the trash and recycling cans will be going out with the next electricity bill, he said.

During citizens' comments, a resident of Hull Avenue talked about the water that accumulates in his yard every time it rains.

"It's a lot with a pond in the front yard," exclaimed Steve Anderson.

He said he'd filled in the low spot, so now water runs across the road. After the city paves the street, thus raising its height, water will be standing in the yard again.

"Maybe you can do a study and see if we can put a drain in," said Anderson.

Whitehead reminded the group that contributions to Lone Oak Cemetery will be collected on Mother's Day weekend (May 9-11). Anyone who would like to volunteer for a two-hour shift at the cemetery that weekend may sign up in City Hall.

Bingham reported the bids are in for paving some city streets, but they are now waiting for some paperwork from the state.

Director of Economic Development Greg Lowe told councilmen Lewisburg would be featured in the May issue of a magazine. This makes the fourth publication in recent months to highlight the city.

Lowe said there were some projects looking at the area, and unemployment was holding steady in the 8 percent range for the fourth month in a row.

"So far, so good," he summarized.

Councilmen voted unanimously to approve a Payment in Lieu of Taxes agreement for equipment at Berry Plastics.

"We'll stay here as long as necessary," said Bingham at the start of the meeting, but all business was finished in 20 minutes, and the meeting was adjourned.