Final grades could be adjusted after end of school year across the state

Friday, May 23, 2014

From Staff Reports

On Tuesday, directors of schools across the state received an email from the Tennessee Department of Education explaining that the release of TCAP/MAAS scores will delayed.

This delay will result in Marshall County School System students not learning their final grades, or whether or not they passed to the next grade, until well after the end of the school year.

In part, the email from Erin O'Hara, TDOE Assistant Commissioner for Data & Research, states, "Pursuant to state law, test scores are required to be a portion of student final grades in grades 3-8. Given the delay, districts can either choose to delay the release of final grades until after the state releases quick scores or districts can finalize student grades without the quick score included and revise grades as appropriate once quick scores are available."

In an attempt to avoid waiting to release grades to students, Marshall County Director of Schools Jackie Abernathy submitted a request to the state's Department of Education asking for a waiver to TCA 49-1-617.

"With the Marshall County School System's 2013-2014 school calendar ending on Friday, May 23, 2014," Abernathy wrote, "a waiver is reasonable, necessary, and in the best interest of Marshall County students." This request was granted today.

Abernathy said, "When scores are released, if a student's grade would change in a positive way, we will adjust those grades."

When parents receive their children's report cards Friday, they will also receive a note from Abernathy apologizing for the inconvenience to students, parents, and teachers who worked so hard in preparation for this year's TCAP tests.

"I regret the state has let us down in providing scores in a timely manner," wrote Abernathy.