Politicians reach out to voters at Richard Cashion Ball Park

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

By Karen Hall


Local politicians jumped at the chance to meet voters at the ball park Saturday morning after being invited by MCYBSL President Craig Blackwell. In exchange for a donation to the league, they were allowed to set up their canopies and tables on both sides of the walkway into the park.

Candidates and their helpers greeted potential voters, and handed out goodies ranging from red and blue popcorn to T-shirts, including pens, note pads, nail files, and bracelets -- just about anything you could put a name on. Fans were a popular hand-out on one of the hottest mornings this spring.

Vicki Cain, who lost to Billy Spivey in the last election for Marshall County's state representative, said she was trying again because, "Too many people were saying 'run please.' They want somebody to take care of them."

In another close race, Billy Lamb, who wants Norman Dalton's job as sheriff, said his campaign is going well.

"I've been really pleased," Lamb said. "I've been blessed. There are some fine people in Marshall County."

Joe Boyd Liggett, who's finishing his second term as County Mayor, said he hoped his campaign was going well.

"I'm getting to see a lot of people," Liggett said.

That's what campaigning is all about: getting out and seeing people. Circuit Court Judge Forest Durard Jr. described a busy schedule of public appearances. Since his job covers the whole of the 17th Judicial District, he has to visit Lincoln, Bedford and Moore counties as well as Marshall County in his search for votes.

Durard's rival, Brooke Grubb, was planning to be in Lewisburg later in the morning. Meanwhile, his parents, Dorothy and Ralph Grubb, were manning his booth.

Also required to campaign in four counties are the candidates for the Public Defender's job, incumbent Donna Orr Hargrove and challenger Robert Dalton. They were both at the Richard Cashion Ball Park, each trying to convince voters they were the best choice for the job, as were the rivals for Circuit Court Clerk, Elinor Foster and Courtney Boatright.