Walmart Express to open in Cornersville

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

By Karen Hall


Less than a month after the announcement a Walmart Express would be built in Chapel Hill, one was announced for Cornersville.

It will be built on the property opposite Cornersville Elementary School and the Dollar General store.

"The planning commission approved the re-zoning of the McKibbon property," announced Mayor Amos Davis when the Board of Mayor and Aldermen met last week. "I want everyone to understand this board is behind what they did."

"We appreciate what Scotty (Brock) and Taylor (Brandon) have done to promote this fantastic opportunity for Cornersville," said Alderman Sherry McClintock.

"It should be a big benefit for Cornersville and nearby residents," said Davis.

The store, which will open in January 2015, will have a pharmacy and a fuel center, and sell about 85 percent groceries.

Joy over the acquisition of a major store for Cornersville was muted by the news of resignations in city government and the need to fill empty seats.

Todd Bone resigned as Chief of Police, so Sgt. David McVey was promoted to Chief, while Officer Mark Chandler became a sergeant.

Since the last BOMA meeting, Lezlie Calahan resigned her position as alderman, creating several vacancies.

Alderman Doris Arthur agreed take her place on the planning commission, and it was announced that Freddie Capps and Mary Johnson were willing to serve on the beer board.

More contentious was the question of whether Calahan's seat on the board should be filled before the November election, when citizens will vote for three of the five aldermens' seats. (The mayor's term extends until 2016.)

"Let's leave it open and let the election take care of it," said Arthur.

"I feel the runner-up in the tied contest should get it," exclaimed Alderman Jimmy Wolaver. He was referring to the tie between Melisa Peters and Suzie Boatright in the November 2012 election, when each received 145 votes. Holding a run-off election was prohibitively expensive, so the tie was broken by a vote of the aldermen, with Peters the victor.

"I move to keep it vacant," said Arthur, and this was approved on a split vote.

During citizens' comments, Robert Pugh asked what the city's charter said about replacing aldermen, and Brandon told him the majority vote of all sitting aldermen could decide the matter.

"I think you're going to see some ramifications from this," said Tommy Upton when it was his turn to comment. "You just became real unpopular. One hundred and forty-five people will be quite disappointed. You're not serving the town if you don't have five aldermen sitting at that table. You have done a great wrong -- you know you have!"