Flag Day celebrated in Lewisburg

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

By Karen Hall


As they do every year on June 14, the Robert Lewis Chapter of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution held a Flag Day ceremony at the log cabin on Cornersville Road.

"I never turn down an opportunity to speak for my country," said Col. Wayne Coomes, the featured speaker.

Coomes quoted Maj. Gen. Arthur MacArthur (1845-1912), "The flag ... is a visible symbol of the ideal aspirations of the American people. It is the one focus in which all unite in reverential devotion. We differ in religion; we differ in politics; we engage in disputes as to the true meaning of the Constitution, and even challenge the wisdom of some of its provisions; we inject self-interest and cupidity into most of the ordinary transactions of daily life, but through the sanctifying folds of the flag, the collective intelligence of the nation rises superior to the wisdom of its parts, and thus ensures the perpetuity of the Republic."

Coomes talked about the history of the American flag and how the 13 colonies, symbolized by the red and white stripes, and how their loosely formed union was now "sewn together and inseparable."

The flag is a symbol of our national unity, and the United States is the "greatest country in the history of the world," Coomes said.

Members of the Lewisburg Police Department's newly formed Honor Guard ceremoniously raised and lowered the flag, then carefully folded it into a neat triangle and presented it to Vice Regent Nancy Pruitt.

Pruitt gave the invocation and the closing remarks and prayer, as well as introducing Coomes. Circuit Court Clerk Elinor Foster lead the Pledge of Allegiance and Katie Jewel sang the national anthem.

The Flag Day committee, which organized the event, was composed of Chairman Beverly McLain, with Barbara Jones, Bonnie Scheuchenzuber, and Pruitt.

After the ceremony, refreshments were served in the Abner Houston Memorial Log Cabin, which was donated to the city by Dr. and Mrs. Robert D. Crutcher II.