Vore's hole-in-one a much deserved present

Friday, June 20, 2014
Karl Fisher, left stands with Allen Vore after Vore took the ball out of the hole after acing the Par 3 fourth hole at the Lewisburg Recreation Center on May 18. Raising his club is Mike Atkins and walking up the green is Willie Mitchell, who were in the foursome that witnessed Vore's second career ace. Photo submitted

Lewisburg's Allen Vore turned 91 years old on a rainy Saturday May 17, but he still played golf like he always does every day with the afternoon big group at the Lewisburg Recreation Center.

On Sunday, Vore was teamed up with Karl Fisher, Willie Mitchell, and Mike Atkins, who witnessed the best belated birthday present of all for Vore when he aced the 170-yard, Par 3 fourth hole on the Ewell Butler Golf Course.

"Allen will live off this for the rest of the summer," said his daughter-in-law Gayle Vore. "He is already on cloud nine."

Second one

It was the second career hole-in-one for Vore, a Monroe, Michigan native, who came to Tennessee in 1964.

Vore has had an eventful and full life, serving his country proudly in WWII as member of the United States Navy aboard the U.S.S. Thomas J. Gary, a destroyer escort, whose function was to scan the ocean floor for under water mines and enemy submarines, ensuring safe passage for the rest of the fleet.

Vore has always been mechanically inclined and on board the ship, he operated and controlled the ship's propeller speed.

The war ended while Vore was still on board the John T. Gary and after the axis surrender, Vore returned to Lewisburg where he ran Al's Esso Station and Al's Gulf Station.

64 years on links

In 1950, Vore found his lifelong passion of playing golf.

To put it into perspective for the knowledgeable golfer on how long Vore has been in love with the links, in 1950 the flamboyant Jimmy Demaret won his last major title at Augusta National in the Masters, Ben Hogan won his second of four US Opens after coming back from a horrific traffic accident in 1949, the great Scottish golfer Booby Locke captured the second of his four British Opens, and Chandler Harper, lifelong mentor to two-time US open winner Curtis Strange, won his only major title at the PGA Championship.

"Allen plays golf every day, that's his passion," said Gayle Vore. "Even through the winter months, it has to be dangerously cold for him not to play."

Active man

Vore has five children, seven grandchildren and one great grandchild and he keeps physically active by walking, chopping wood, maintaining the house and yard, and playing the game of golf that he loves every day at the Rec Center.

"He likes to do everything with his hands and mind, he is a self-taught, independent, and a strong person," said Gayle Vore. "He is a very smart man, I have a huge amount of respect for who he is and what he stands for."

Vore, who doesn't like to go to the doctor, maintains his great health by eating healthy, and taking vitamins and supplements.

"He knows what he is going to take for indigestion and what he is going to take for a sore throat," said Gayle Vore. "He does more in the morning before I wake up than I do all day."

Church comes first

Vore, who still drives, lives on Glenn Avenue and is a member of the Lifesong Church in Lewisburg, helping to build the church where he attends service every Sunday morning.

"There is a big group that plays on Sunday morning, but he has always told them, I am going to church and will see you in the afternoon," said Gayle Vore. "He has a close relationship with his Pastor Rocky Cunningham and the two have also played golf together."

Vore likes to watch the news channels, the Game Show channel and TV Land with his two favorite programs being the Waltons and Everybody Loves Raymond.