Larry G. Hardin sentenced for theft

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

By Rachel Cook

Staff Writer

Larry G. Hardin of Cornersville, a former Marshall County Sheriff's Deputy, pleaded guilty to charges of official misconduct in Circuit Court last Wednesday.

He was accused of taking four tires which were the property of the sheriff's department.

On Jan. 21, at the request of District Attorney General Rob Carter, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation began to assist the State Comptroller's Office in the investigation of Hardin, and the tires were recovered on Jan. 28.

Hardin, 59, admitted taking the tires and putting them on his girlfriend's car. The tires were in nearly new condition, estimated to be worth well over $500.

After pleading guilty to the Class E Felony, Hardin was sentenced to one year of unsupervised probation, which he will begin in next month. He could be sent to jail if he fails to comply with any of the conditions of his probation, which include maintaining full-time employment and repaying MCSD $100 per month.

Officers such as Hardin who are convicted of official misconduct cannot be hired or re-hired for any state job.